Setting out to start a business is not easy for many aspiring business owners, especially if it’s an online business. The essentials of rolling out a business enterprise can be too demanding that a majority of people choose to give up too soon. However, what many people don’t figure out, from the onset, is that all you need is a strong vision that has your target customers at heart.

Once you place your customers before your profits, it will be much easier for you to navigate through the different processes and elements of your business. Premier Designs is one among many online businesses that understand the core of this business principle. The online business is set out on the premise that people come before profits. Essentially, this means that the more you provide value to people, the more strategic you are to gain profits from the sale of your merchandise and services.

Premier Designs not only sells high fashion and affordable jewelry, but also provides an opportunity for interested persons to earn extra income as well as networking with people within their circles. This review evaluates what Premier Designs is all about, what it offers, its benefits, as well as its shortcomings, to help you decide whether you can trust it or not.


what is premier designs


About Premier Designs

Premier Designs is a company that specializes in high quality fashion jewelry. If you love beauty, elegance, and have a keen interest in stylishness, the jewels at this store can be a perfect fit for you. Founded in 1985 by Andy & Joan Horner, giving back to the community was the primary driving force of the business.

Andy & Joan Horner had a vision of starting a company that would place people before business proceeds and also support ministries and institutions around the globe. Since its launch, Premier Designs believes that there is more than just selling jewelry to their esteemed customers. According to the core values of the business, as it earns from sales, it should be providing for others too.

That is why it gives its customers an opportunity to be their own bosses and earn extra income. The jewelry business believes that by empowering and touching the lives of other people, it is driving its own growth and development. That is why Premier Designs seeks to address the personal and financial needs of those who choose to become part of its family.


Different Styles for Special Occasions

Premier Designs offers a wide variety of high quality jewelry for different occasions. Irrespective of one’s occasion, the company makes sure that the needs of its customers are taken care of accordingly. With a keen eye for detail, a great deal of investment is done to provide customers with the products they are looking for. For instance, there are customers who need jewelry that fits well in a wedding; others want jewelry that would make their anniversary celebrations colorful or Premier Designs has fashion jewelry that complements well with those attending executive meetings as well as those who want to keep it casual.

The bottom-line is that anyone can find the necklace, bracelet, ring, or earring of choice to add value to one’s occasion. Additionally, the products are uniquely designed to meet the needs and preferences of the diverse customers who shop at the company. You can, for example, get yourself multi-colored bracelets or single-color bracelets, round or triangular-shaped necklaces, and much more. The fact that customers have a wide array of beauty products to choose from makes it possible for them to settle for the perfect ones for their special days. You can visit their website to have a good glimpse of the jewels available for sale.


Opportunity to Earn Extra Income

Those who join the Premier Designs family have an opportunity to earn extra income. At their website, there is a note that reads “Create a life you don’t need a vacation from.” This means that the company gives a chance of partnership for those willing to make money out of the opportunities available.

Joining the ‘BE YOUR OWN BOSS PROGRAM’ is easy. You first need to get a jeweler who will give you the training and much-needed support to succeed in your newly-found income generating opportunity. This is a great chance for one to learn from a person who has been in the business and understands its dynamics well.

Premier Designs helps you to locate a jeweler, after which you are linked to their website. It’s at this point where you can become part of the Premier Design’s family and be a member of their team. Your jeweler will become your sponsor and assist you in launching your business. There are benefits associated with this amazing prospect like:

  • earning 50% profit,
  • shopping jewelry at 50% discount,
  • and having the luxury of free shipping on personal orders.
  • Also, in your first three levels, you qualify to earn 10% of the wholesale sum of every jeweler.




The Gem Membership Program

Premier Designs gives ultimate customer rewards through their Gem Membership program. For only $39 annually, customers are able to receive the following benefits: 20% discount for every purchase made, free shipping for orders over $75, and access to other member-only rewards throughout the year.

All that one needs to join the Gem Membership package, is to sign up via the company’s website with only $39. However, customers need to take note that the $39 signup fee does not qualify them for free shipping, given that it’s not jewelry. Of great importance still, customers should be aware that the signup fee is non-refundable.


Premium Designs Pros

There are various significant advantages that the company offers to its customers.

  • Firstly, the wide array of jewelry products gives their customers a chance to choose what meets their needs and preferences best.
  • Additionally, the products are affordable enough. Customers don’t need to part with huge amounts of money to get their favorite jewelry.
  • Also, those who have had the privilege of being served by the company attest that it has a great customer service that helps to attract and maintain customer loyalty.
  • In addition, the fact that the company gives its customers the prospects of earning more makes it appealing to many jewelry enthusiasts who would love to make extra cash.
  • Of great importance still, the desire of Premium Designs to empower and enrich the lives of its members, both financially and personally makes it more attractive to its target market.


Premium Designs Cons

Despite the pros associated with the company, there are cons that customers should take note of.

  • One of the major cons is that one has to be overly self-motivated in order to succeed. The amount of effort required in order to thrive is quite massive.
  • Also, customer reviews have shown that support from the upper management is sometimes lacking, especially in respect to communicating with jewelers. Members suggest that regular communication between the upper management of the company and jewelers can go a long way in creating prospects for better and quality outcomes.



Premium Designs, since its inception, has continued to provide high quality jewelry that meets the unique needs and tastes of its diverse customers. If you are a jewelry lover and have a desire to look stylish, then you can get the latest fashion jewelry from this store. Their capacity to provide products for different seasons and occasions makes them a viable companion for most customers in their target market.

Additionally, if it’s your desire to earn more income, there are opportunities at the company that will allow you to increase your proceeds drastically. Given the amount of time that the company has been in existence, it is certain that it has the capacity to provide you with the products and opportunities you need to succeed both personally and financially.

It is important to understand that this is not a quick rich scheme. It requires commitment for at least 3 years. You need to prospect for new customers and new business opportunity seekers on a daily basis. If you can’t stay focused and take daily action, then financial success with this opportunity might not be possible for you.


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