Based in Arizona, Plexus Worldwide is a multi-level marketing company that manufactures and sells weight loss products, nutritional supplements as well as various personal care products. Initially, it was founded as a breast health company.

In 2008, Alfred Pettersen and Tarl Robinson purchased the company. Upon acquiring Plexus, they changed its compensation plan from a binary plan to the current profit-sharing model. During that time, the company had only two products – the body cream and a breast check kit.

In 2009, they partnered with an endocrinologist and launched the Plexus Slim, which remains one of their most successful and popular products. Since then, Plexus has added more than 14 products and experienced immense growth. So, is Plexus Worldwide a legitimate company or a scam? This Plexus Worldwide review will answer some of the questions and concerns that you might be having about this company.


what is plexus worldwide


Product Line

Plexus sells a wide range of products, designed to address various health concerns. Their products fall into various categories such as:

  • weight loss and weight management,
  • personal care,
  • skincare products
  • and nutrition supplements.

You can also purchase combo packs, which contain products from the four different categories. Some of the products you can purchase from this company include:


  • Prexus Slim:

This is a weight management product, which features a blend of natural ingredients, designed to balance body sugar, while facilitating hormonal regulation and body balance. Each bag comes with 30 packets of powder, which you then mix with water resulting in a pink formulation.

Its main ingredients include: 

  • XOS prebiotic,
  • chromium,
  • green coffee bean extract,
  • alpha lipoic acid,
  • mulberry fruit extract
  • and garcinia cambogia fruit extract.
  • Other ingredients in this product are citric acid, beef extract, stevia leaf extract, and cellulose gum.


  • Plexus Probio 5:

The Probio 5 features 4 digestive enzymes and 5 probiotics, designed to support healthy digestion while promoting optimal gut health. Apart from probiotics and enzymes, this health supplement also features vitamin B6, vitamin C, and grape seed extract. Grape seeds are renowned for their powerful antioxidant capabilities while lowering blood pressure. If you are always feeling energy deprived or dull, then you should check out this product. It doesn’t contain synthetic fillers or additives. Also, you don’t have to refrigerate it.


  • Bio Cleanse:

The Bio Cleanse is a natural detoxifying supplement, which helps to remove harmful toxins from your digestive tract, which can lead to weight gain, constipation, and fatigue, among other issues. Apart from cleaning your digestive system, it helps to relieve bloating, gas and stomach discomfort.

According to Plexus, Bio Cleanse also helps to promote regularity and removes harmful substances and microbes. It contains ingredients such as bioflavanoid complex, which improves circulation and helps to remove harmful toxins from the body as well as magnesium, which boosts oxygen supply in the body. Other ingredients include magnesium and sodium.


  • X Factor Plus:

The Plexus X Factor Plus is a daily multivitamin supplement, featuring vitamin B complex and a polyphenol blend, which protects the gut. This product offers benefits such as supporting the immune system, supporting muscle function and healthy bones, maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, and protecting the body against free radical damage. Additional benefits include boosting energy levels as well as promoting mental concentration and clarity. According to Plexus, the health benefits listed are as a result of preliminary findings, and additional research is needed to support and confirm them.   

If you are not satisfied with any of their products, you can return it and you will get a full refund within 60 days of your purchase. To get your refund, you first need to contact the Ambassador Relations Center and they will give you the procedure you need to follow. You should note that Plexus will only process one refund request per product from each customer, unless you receive the product in a defective or damaged condition.




Compensation Plan

Plexus Worldwide offers a unique compensation plan and it is easy to understand. Also, it provides numerous incentives, commissions and bonuses along the way, designed to encourage the ambassadors to work harder and rise through the ranks. To earn bonuses, commissions and Plexus points, you first need to be a Qualified Ambassador.

For you to become a Qualified Ambassador, you must have paid the annual membership fee of $39.95. Also, you must have generated sales worth 100PV at the end of a monthly cycle. And if you are a new ambassador, you must have purchased a Welcome Pack within 30 days of your enrollment. As you sell more products, you will eventually qualify for the different ranks. The Plexus compensation plan comes with the following ranks.


  • Ambassador:

This is the lowest rank in the compensation plan. As noted above, if you want to become an Ambassador, you need to purchase one of the company’s welcome packs and pay the annual membership fee of $39.95. The cheapest welcome pack goes for $99 while the most expensive one goes for $199. Each welcome pack comes with different points.


  • Senior Ambassador:

To qualify for this rank, you must have met the conditions of a Qualified Plexus Worldwide Ambassador. On top of that, you need to personally sponsor at least 2 Qualified Ambassadors. Once you unlock this rank, you will qualify to earn points on up to 3 pay levels.


  • Silver Ambassador:

To become a Silver Ambassador, you must have personally sponsored at least 3 Qualified Ambassadors. After attaining this rank, you can now earn points on up to 5 pay levels.


  • Gold Ambassador:

To attain the rank of Gold Ambassador, you must have personally sponsored at least 3 Qualified Ambassadors. Also, you must have accumulated 100 points in your sales organization. Out of these 100 points, 15 should come from outside your main leg. Similar to the Silver Ambassador rank, you will be earning points on 5 pay levels as a Gold Ambassador.


  • Senior Gold Ambassador:

To be eligible for this rank, you must meet all the qualification requirements of the lower ranks. And just like the previous ranks, you must have personally sponsored 3 Qualified Ambassadors. Also, your sales organization must have accumulated at least 250 points during the monthly cycle. Of these 250 points, 40 should come outside your main leg. You should note that the 250 points must come from the first 5 pay levels. After attaining this rank, you are eligible to earn points for up to 6 pay levels.

The remaining ranks are Ruby Ambassador, Senior Ruby Ambassador, Emerald Ambassador, Sapphire Ambassador and Diamond Ambassador. If you fail to meet the qualification requirements in your rank, then you will not earn commissions and bonuses. Instead, all the commissions and bonuses in your downline will compress to the eligible affiliates in your upline.


  • Retail Commissions:

Once you become a Plexus Worldwide Qualified Ambassador, you will earn a commission whenever a customer purchases a product through you. To earn retail commissions, you don’t even need to build a sales network. Plexus will give you a replicated website, which you will be using to purchase products at wholesale prices.

Customers can then purchase products at retail prices through the inventory that you have at hand, or buy them directly from the company website. If a customer purchases products from the company website using your affiliate number, you will be allocated a certain number of points known as Personal Volume or PV. Once you generate sales worth 100 PV or above, you will automatically qualify for retail commissions. If your PV is between 100 and 500, then you will earn a commission of 15%. If it’s beyond 500, you will earn a retail commission of 25%. The higher the PV, the higher the retail commission you will earn.


  • Preferred Customer Bonus:

Plexus will pay you a bonus amount based on the sales volume that you generate through your Preferred Customers. Different products have different Preferred Customer bonuses. For instance, if your preferred customer purchases the Bio Cleanse 180, then you will earn a PC bonus of $5. On the other hand, if they purchase the Slime Microbiome Activating, you will earn a PC bonus of $15. Also, the Preferred Customer Program may slightly vary from one country to the other, due to the difference in shipping costs.


  • Business Building Bonus:

Unlike other MLM companies, Plexus Worldwide will not pay you anything whenever you enroll a new ambassador. Instead, they will pay you a Business Building Bonus if the newly enrolled ambassador purchases one of the company’s welcome packs. As noted earlier, the price of welcome packs ranges from $99 to $199. Ambassadors can only purchase welcome packs once.

Also, to be eligible for this bonus, the newly enrolled ambassador must purchase the welcome pack within 30 days of signing up. If the ambassador purchases the $99 welcome pack, $50 will be distributed to the 4 qualified levels in your upline. And if the ambassador purchases the $199 welcome pack, $50 will be distributed to the 4 qualified levels in your upline. Also, Plexus points will be distributed to 7 qualified levels in your upline. The newly enrolled affiliates will also qualify for commissions in the month they have purchased the packs.


  • Profit Sharing:

Every month, Plexus sets aside 50% of its profits, and the money is then shared among the ambassadors. Out of that 50%, 3% goes to the Emerald pool, 1% goes to the Sapphire pool and 1% goes to the Diamond pool. The Emerald pool features Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald ambassadors while the Sapphire pool consists of qualified Diamond and Sapphire ambassadors. The Diamond pool only features Diamond ambassadors.

If you qualify for the Sapphire pool, then you will automatically qualify for the Emerald pool and if you qualify for the Diamond pool, then you qualify for all the other pools. The remaining 45% is shared among the other ambassadors, based on the number of points each ambassador has generated.


  • Achievement Bonuses:

As a Qualified Ambassador, Plexus Worldwide will award you various bonuses as you advance through the company’s ranks. These are known as achievement bonuses. Achievement bonuses are not dependent on sales volume but rather based on pay points. If you attain the Silver rank, you will earn a bonus of $100, $250 for Gold, $350 for Senior Gold, $500 for Ruby and $750 for Senior Ruby.


  • Lifestyle Bonuses and Other Rewards:

Qualified Plexus Ambassadors who attain and maintain the rank of Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond will have a chance to participate in the company’s lifestyle bonus program or the car program. The lifestyle bonus program and the car program are designed to award the top ambassadors for their impressive performance.

For the car program, Plexus Worldwide will pay $600 per month if you are in the Emerald rank, $750 if you are a Sapphire ambassador and $1200 if you are a Diamond ambassador for up to 36 months, towards owning or leasing a Lexus. To continue receiving this bonus, you must provide proof of ownership during that period and maintain your rank.

As for the lifestyle bonus program, you will receive a monthly payment of $420 if you are an Emerald ambassador, $525 for Sapphire ambassadors and $840 for Diamond ambassadors. If you had qualified for these bonuses and you fall below the Emerald rank for two consecutive months, then you will not receive the lifestyle bonus or the car bonus beginning with the second month.


Potential Earnings

So, how much money can you earn when you join the Plexus Worldwide business opportunity? According to an income disclosure statement posted on their website, approximately 80% of their affiliates fall in the Ambassador rank, which is the lowest level while those in the Diamond Ambassador rank, which is the highest level in this compensation plan, constitute 0.06% of the affiliates.

Affiliates in the Ambassador rank earn approximately $25 monthly or $300 yearly, while those in the Diamond Ambassador rank earn an average of $418,174.Your earnings will increase as you attain the higher ranks. And it will take approximately 20 months to move from one rank to the other. It’s also important to note that these earnings are not guaranteed. Succeeding as ambassador in this company requires effort, commitment and time. Rewards are directly proportional to your productivity.



  • Generous compensation plan
  • Products are 100% organic, non-GMO and gluten free



  • You must purchase products to qualify for the compensation plan
  • Issues with cancelling orders and getting a refund


Final Thoughts

Plexus is a legitimate multi-level marketing company and not a scam or a pyramid scheme. Since it was launched 10 years ago, Plexus has experienced steady growth, powered by an expanding customer base. Also, their products are of decent quality and their compensation plan is fair and generous.

Similar to other business opportunities, Plexus has its fair share of drawbacks, but none of them is a deal breaker. If you are passionate about promoting organic healthcare products and you don’t mind their autoship program and the startup costs, then you should check out this business opportunity. The potential of making money promoting and selling their products are available and it depends on your efforts.


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