Perfectly Posh is a natural skincare company that was launched in 2011 by Ann Dalton and Andrew McBride. By 2014, the company was already generating annual sales worth more than $50 million. Since then, they have experienced steady growth, fuelled by their team of 40,000 independent distributors spread across the U.S.

You might have probably come across this company on social media, through an email list or a friend has recommended their products or urged you to join. And you might be wondering whether Perfectly Posh is a legitimate company or a scam. Well, you are in the right place.

This independent Perfectly Posh review will answer some of the questions you might be having about the legitimacy of this company. It will cover various aspects of the company such as their product line, their business opportunity as well as their strengths and weaknesses.


what is perfectly posh


Product Line

Perfectly Posh is a cosmetics and beauty-based company. According to information on their website, all their products are made of naturally occurring ingredients. They also have a range of vegan products. You can purchase their products directly from their online shop or via Amazon. On Amazon, the products are more expensive compared to purchasing them from one of their consultants. Their products are categorized into beauty, body, face, feet, hands, lips, and skin.

For hands and feet, you can purchase, creams, moisturizers, feet scrubs and balms, among others. For the body, Perfectly Posh sells products such as body soaps, body wash, body scrubs, as well as body butter. Their hair products include conditioners, shampoos, hair oils and hair masks. When it comes to face and lips, you can purchase face washes, face moisturizers, shaving products, lip balm, and lip products. They also offer products designed for anti-ageing, skin brightening, reducing pores, detoxifying as well as relieving tired skin.


Compensation Plan

To join the Perfectly Posh business opportunity, you will first need to purchase a $30 or $99 starter kit. This kit features product samples as well as some business tools that will help you to get started. Also, once you purchase this kit, you will get a free replicated website, which you can use to promote and sell the company’s products. Similar to other network marketing companies, you have to enroll through someone. And if you don’t know someone who can sign you up, you can simply type your ZIP code on their website and the company will find a sponsor near you.

To qualify for commissions, you must also agree to be paid through ProPay. ProPay is a 3rd party payment processor and signing up with them is compulsory for all Perfectly Posh independent consultants. As part of this arrangement, all commissions will be sent to your ProPay account. After that, you can then transfer the money to your bank account or use the funds to purchase more products. Perfectly Posh will also give you a ProPay debit card. ProPay will charge you a $7.95 annual fee as well as $1 every time you transfer money to your account. As you can see, Perfectly Posh doesn’t pay you directly. Instead, the funds have to pass through a 3rd party payment processor. As much as the fees for setting up a ProPay account are not huge, the entire process can be inconveniencing or frustrating for some people.

Once you pay for the starter kit, you are now a Perfectly Posh independent consultant. As a consultant, you will rise through the ranks of:

  • Protégé,
  • Pink,
  • Pink Plus 1,
  • Pink Plus 2,
  • Pink Plus 3,
  • Premier,
  • Silver Premier,
  • Gold Premier,
  • and Platinum Premier.

As you advance through the ranks, you will earn the following commissions.


  • Direct Sales Commissions:

You earn these commissions every time you sell products to a customer. As a Protégé consultant, you will earn a direct sale commission of 20% every time you sell a product to your customers. And if you are a Pink consultant or higher, then you will earn a direct sale commission of 25%. Direct sales commissions are paid weekly.

The amount of money you will receive will depend on your personal volume or PV. Your PV will come from all sales that you have processed, whether you have purchased the products for your own use or for re-sale. For example, if you are a Protégé affiliate and you sell a product worth $100, you will earn direct sales commission of $20.


  • Downline Commissions:

Just like their name suggests, downline commissions come from your sales team or those that you’ve sponsored. Downline commissions are paid out using a unilevel compensation structure. In this structure, you are positioned at the top of a team, and every person that you personally sponsor forms the first level. If a level one affiliate sponsors a new consultant, the new consultant will join level 2 of the team.

Subsequent levels of the unilevel compensation structure are formed using a similar approach. It’s important to note that you can only qualify for these commissions if you are a Pink 1 consultant or higher. Your earnings will depend on total sales volume or team volume. As much as commissions are calculated using total sales volume generated by your team, the amount of money you will receive will depend on your rank.


  • Premier Generation Commissions:

Whenever a consultant in your downline is promoted to the Premier rank, they will automatically become a separate unit. But as much as they will form a separate leg, they are still part of your downline and you will continue earning commissions from them. For instance, if you are Silver Premier consultant, you will earn generation commissions of 2% from the sales volume generated by each Premier team within your downline.


Cost to Join

As noted earlier, if you want to join the Perfectly Posh compensation plan, you will need to purchase one of the starter kits. You can opt for the $30 or $99 starter kit. The $30 kit only comes with business tools such as reading cards. If you want to join Perfectly Posh as a consultant and start selling the products right away, then you should choose the $99 kit. Apart from business tools, the $99 kit comes with 5 products that you can sell and 20 product samples that you can use for demo purposes. Active duty men and women, veterans and military families can join Perfectly Posh at a discounted price of $85, instead of $99.



  • Products are of high quality
  • Decent product packaging



  • Overpriced products: As much as their products are of high quality, some customers might find them a bit expensive, compared to what others are charging for the same quality. Also, their products lack a unique selling proposition or USP. You can head over to a store near you and find similar products at a cheaper cost.
  • Only available in the U.S and its international territories: If you are outside the U.S or you are not a citizen of any of its affiliated territories, then you will not have an opportunity to join this company as an independent consultant, unless you are in the military.


Final Thoughts

Perfectly Posh is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It’s a legitimate multi-level marketing business, which has been operational for close to 10 years. Their compensation plan is impressive and their products are of high quality. Just like any other business, it has some drawbacks. You have to recruit a sizeable sales unit, if you want to earn a decent income as an affiliate of this company.

And as noted above, their products are slightly more expensive, compared to similar brands. But, if you have already used their products and the results have been impressive, then you should give this company a shot and work part-time or full-time, depending on your schedule and preferences.

Take note that you will have to commit for at least 3 years. Prospect on a daily basis if you want to succeed with this mlm opportunity or any mlm for that matter.


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