Founded by Bella Weems in 2010, Origami Owl is a multi-level marketing company that sells various types of jewelry items and accessories. Based in Chandler, Arizona, this jewelry company has so far sold products worth more than $250 million to customers across the world. Origami Owl uses its network of independent distributors or designers, to market and sell their products.

You might have come across their products on Facebook or Instagram or one of their independent distributors has approached you and pitched the company’s business opportunity.  Well, before joining any MLM or purchasing their products, it’s highly advisable to conduct thorough due diligence, to ensure that the company is legitimate.

The good news is that I’ve already done that for you. In this Origami Owl review, we will evaluate the company’s products, its compensation plan as well as its pros and cons. With that information, you can then decide whether their products or their business opportunity is worth your time and money.



Product Line

Origami Owl sells an assortment of jewelry pieces, which are categorized into living lockets, chains, necklaces, bracelets and watches, rings, and earrings, among other accessories. They also sell jewelry collections for special events such as Mother’s Day or seasonal pieces for spring and summer.

All their products come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee, minus handling and shipping charges. To qualify for the money-back guarantee, the products must be unworn and in their original packaging. If an item is not in its original packaging, then it will be subject to a stocking fee of 15%. Also, all Origami Owl products feature a 90-day warranty against any manufacturer defect.

According to information posted on their website, you can access their products in 3 different ways. You can either purchase the products directly from the company as a consumer, sign up as an independent distributor or act as a hostess for Origami Owl’s jewelry bar. As an independent distributor, you will be purchasing the products at a discounted price. Working as a jewelry bar hostess gives you a chance to get free, customized jewelry as well as an opportunity to socialize with your friends.


Compensation Plan

Origami Owl offers a flexible and rewarding compensation, designed to help its independent distributors to build their business empires and grow as individuals. You can earn money through commissions and bonuses whenever you sell products or help others to build their sales team. Once you preferred kit has arrived, you can start making money right away selling jewelry pieces to your friends, family or other customers.

Dangles, plates and charms will earn you a commission of 50% per product while tags, chains and lockets come with a commission of 35%. All earnings are paid weekly, and you can choose to be paid via check or direct deposit. In short, if someone orders a product from your website, you will be paid the week after the completion of that sale. If you opt to be paid via check, then you will incur a processing fee of $5. On the other hand, direct deposit doesn’t attract any processing fees.

You can also earn commissions whenever you sell products via wholesale. If you opt for this method, then you will need to maintain a certain level of inventory. With this method, you will be purchasing the products in bulk at wholesale prices, and then selling them to the customer at retail prices. Your commission will be the difference between the wholesale and retail price. Customers can opt for cash payment, write a check or use a credit card. If they use a credit card, the money will be sent directly to your bank account.

Another means of earning commissions as a designer is building a sales team or downline. To build a sales team, you need to continuously share this business opportunity with others and train them on what they need to do. To earn commissions via this method, your sales team must generate a specific sales volume each month. The Origami Owl compensation features five main ranks – Designers, Team Leaders, Team Managers, Directors and Vice Presidents. Each rank holds 3 positions. For instance, under Designers rank, you can rise from Designer, Senior Designer to Executive Designer.

You should note that you can only earn retail sales commissions from personal sales only. They are not dependent on the sales volume generated in your downline. Sponsor bonuses are paid on personal volume generated by affiliates or designers that you’ve enrolled in your sales team. You first goal after joining this business opportunity should be to generate personal volume or PV, by selling the products to your friends, family and everyone else in your social circle.

After some time, you can start sponsoring others to join the business opportunity and encourage them to sell as many products as possible. As your sales team grows, you will eventually unlock the leadership ranks, leading to more commissions and bonuses. As you can see, this compensation plan is straightforward and well structured. It’s designed to reward the independent distributors fairly, for the effort they put in.




Hostess Reward Program

As noted earlier, the hostess reward program is designed to give you access to free or discounted jewelry pieces. To qualify for the discounts and free items, your event must be attended by at least 4 guests and demonstrate products worth at least $250. If you meet these requirements, then you will get a free item and a 20% discount on other pieces. If your bar is worth more than $1,000, you will get 4 pieces at half the price and a free product.


Potential Earnings

According to an income disclosure statement posted on the company’s website, you will earn an average annual income of $233.01 if you are within the rank of Designer to Executive while those in the rank of Team Leader to Executive Team Leader will take home an average income of $2,705. If you are in the rank of Director or above, you will earn an average income of $66,714 annually.

It’s important to note that these figures are not a guarantee of the income you will earn. As an Origami Owl independent distributor, your earnings will depend on the amount of effort that you put in, as well as your skills. Your sales volume as well as the size of your downline will also affect your earnings.



  • Products are of high quality
  • Easy to build a sales team and earn referral commissions
  • Origami Owl offers training and marketing tools, which will help you to get started and build a sales team



  • Customer support is slow and sometimes non-responsive
  • The initial investment is quite high


Cost to Join

So, how much will it cost you to become a Designer? If you want to participate in the compensation plan, then you will need to purchase one of the company’s kits. Each kit features a selection of various jewelry pieces. The cheapest kit goes for $39 while the most expensive costs $99. It’s advisable to purchase the starter kit first, and then upgrade with time, as you learn more about the business.


Final Thoughts

Origami Owl is a legitimate multi-level marketing company that sells customized and unique jewelry items. Started by a 14-year old, this company has grown massively over the last couple of years. It now has a presence in various parts of the world, thanks to its ever-growing network of independent distributors.

Just like any other business, Origami Owl has its fair share of pros and cons. If you are passionate about jewelry items and you are experienced in network marketing or direct sales, then you should check out this company. Their commissions are quite generous, which means you can earn a decent income if you put in effort and commitment.


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