Did you know that you can achieve lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time? In the 21st century, people are realizing the significance of living a healthy life and, as a result, they are investing massively in health transformation programs.

There is a high probability that you have been thinking of working towards incredible changes in your health. Well, you are not alone because many people around the globe are seeking for opportunities that can help improve their health and wellness. It is, indeed, possible to build a life around what matters most to you and shape your destiny to your optimum level. 

This is where Optavia comes in. Since the inception of Optavia in 1980, many health-conscious people have been attracted to its multiple programs and products. The testimonials on their website are an indication of the company’s commitment towards maintaining the good health of its clients. Perhaps, you could have come across this opportunity and you are not sure if it’s legitimate or a scam.  Your concerns are actually genuine, considering that not all health programs and products are authentic.

That is why it’s significant to prudently establish whether a health plan is legitimate or not, before being part of it. Luckily, regarding Optavia, the uphill task has already been done for you. This review will go a long way in helping you make the right decision on whether you should go ahead and join their health and wellness plans.


About Optavia

From the onset, it’s good for you to develop an in-depth comprehension of Optavia for you to establish its legitimacy. As noted above, the health company opened its doors in 1980, with the aim of shaping the destiny of its clients, in regards to living a healthy life. Based on its slogan, Lifelong Transformation, One Healthy Habit at a Time, Optavia has four components that seek to support clients as they begin their journey to a lifetime of health transformation.

  • One of the components is the coaches that walk with their clients throughout their journey to health and wellness. In fact, coaches are the cornerstone of the company’s health and wellness program. They assert that guiding clients increases their chances of attaining their optimal weight.


  • Another major component is the integration of healthy habits in everything that Optavia does. Rather than focusing on quick fixes, the company adopts a radically different methodology that acknowledges the importance of learning healthy habits aimed at lifelong transformation. Dr. Wayne Andersen, the company’s co-founder believes in an approach that gets the mind and the body to work together by substituting unhealthy habits with healthy ones to attain long-term success.


  • The third component is the Optavia Community. The community, together with the coaches, offers support to clients to accelerate their success in their endeavor to foster a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, they inspire potential clients to join their program.


  • Lastly, their scientifically proven products and plans have made them attend to more than 1 million clients so far. Moreover, the plans and products were developed by qualified physicians, scientists, and dietitians, making them highly recommendable to those seeking to infuse a healthy lifestyle into their lives.


How the Community Works

Reaching your optimal weight is not an easy thing. Many people have tried and failed, eventually giving up on their plans. Optavia knows that one needs support and guidance to achieve a life-long health transformation. That is why they insist on the importance of being in a community of like-minded individuals who are able to offer you the much-needed support throughout your journey to a lifetime of health and wellness. You will find it easier to continue with the plans and products to help you attain your desired weight if you have a group of like-hearted people supporting you without reservations. 

Similarly, Optavia Coaches are there to ensure that you don’t walk alone in the pursuit of a quality and healthy lifestyle. The company takes pride in having highly proficient and caring coaches who offer training on the habits that cultivate quality health and, eventually, lead to lasting transformation. Additionally, a coach not only guides you, but also celebrates with you on the little achievements that you make along the journey as you move to the big victories. Whenever a client is discouraged or facing any predicament, Optavia coaches and the community helps one to focus on the prospective success ahead. Essentially, the community enables members to see the bigger picture towards a lifetime of healthy living. 


Products and Programs

Optavia’s products and programs are developed under a scientific backing to help one realize and maintain a healthy weight. A multi-disciplinary Scientific Advisory Board consisting of scientists and physicians offer guidance on the development of the product offerings for weight loss.

Optavia’s fuelings are known to be effective, healthy, and delicious. The science behind the fuelings enables them to provide nutrients to clients at every level of their journey. The company’s Essential Fuelings and Select Fuelings have 24 vitamins and minerals, and GanedenBC30 patented probiotic.  Of great importance still, the fuelings don’t have colors, sweeteners, or flavors from artificial products.

Your coach comes in handy in helping you to choose the right product for your specific needs. There are different weight programs offered by Optavia including: Optimal Weight 5 and 1 Plan, Optimal Weight 4, 2, and 1 Plan, and Optimal Health 3 and 3 Program. It’s worth noting that the weight loss programs are scientifically developed to ensure that you eat the right quality and quantity of products for the attainment of optimum health.

Hydration products are also available to enable you remain hydrated all day long. Since water is an important component of the body, Purposeful Hydration from the company helps to make sure that your body retains the required amount of water.

Optavia’s desire is to ensure that all its clients find fulfillment in the products and programs offered.  For this reason, clients are advised to contact their doctors before embarking on their weight loss journey. Especially, if one is taking medications for conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. It’s highly recommended for one to get an approval from his or her doctor first.

The Optavia program is not recommended for pregnant clients as well as those with chronic and acute illnesses. The company insists that teenagers, sedentary older adults, some diabetes patients, and nursing mothers should not take the Optimal Weight 5 and 1 Plan. Based on the above, it’s a clear indication that Optavia does not offer substitutes for medical treatment; rather, they advocate for proper medication for their clients and would be clients. 


Business Opportunity: How to Join 

Your endeavor towards optimal health can also be translated into a fulfilling and powerful opportunity for you. As you achieve your goals, your transformation will, definitely, be an inspiration to other people who would want to take the journey you’ve taken. At Optavia, there is a business opportunity you can build and transform your life as well.

What this means is that you have the chance to join the company as a coach. Since coaches are integral towards the success of Optavia’s programs, they are given the opportunity to build a business that offers them amazing benefits. Some of the business benefits that you expect to experience as a coach include: access to a complete set of integrated business tools, a rewarding compensation plan, and access to entrepreneurial support. 

As an Optavia Coach, you have the opportunity to grow your business, even as you go through the journey of lifelong quality health and wellness. However, it’s fundamental for you to note that the company does not give you assurance of financial success. Your business success will not come through a sudden fight; rather, it requires active sales efforts stemming from diligence, leadership, hard work, skill, proficiency, and determination.

There are three steps that you will need to go through in order to build a business opportunity for yourself.

  • The first step is talking to your coach on coaching opportunities and how to start. This requires a great amount of interest from you.
  • If you are certain of your interest, you are given an Optavia Business Kit that has everything you require to set up for your coaching business.
  • The third step will be, in partnership with your coach, to be part of the Optavia’s supportive community and making sure that you follow the systems of success established by the company. 



If you are looking for an opportunity to improve your health significantly, you can consider taking part in Optavia’s journey of lifelong health transformation. Certainly, in today’s day and age, where living a healthy life is becoming a solution to the many lifestyle diseases among populations, getting a program and products that help you realize quality health and wellness is a big plus.

As long as you are willing to go through the little but significant steps that Optavia takes its clients through, you will be on the right path to attaining your optimal weight as well as living a healthy and quality lifestyle. The possibility of a business opportunity, if you are interested, makes Optavia a viable option for you. If you would like to create a life of a larger business momentum as well as have the power to shape your destiny, in respect to your health, consider being part of Optavia.

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