In this article I want to review a company called Nevetica. I was approached by someone on Social Media who share the company and opportunity with me. I never heard about the company or the products.

Are you here to find out more about Nevetica?

You are at the right place. I am going to share everything about the company, products, compensation plan and my conclusion. After you read my review I’m certain you will be able to make an informed decision if this opportunity is for you or not.

Let’s get started.


More about the Company

It all started when Dr London’s dog, Rocky, had a stroke. The prognosis were not good and Dr London had to make some tough decisions. Letting go of Rocky was not an option.

He started his research and learned how important a raw food diet and daily vitamins are for pets. He also discovered how the pet nutrition industry were growing and the need for high quality pet nutrition. With his new found knowledge, Dr London helped Rocky to live a good life for another 2 years and founded Nevetica in 2017.

Nevetica is a network marketing company and focus on pet nutrition. This Billion Dollar industry is growing every year without any sign of slowing down.

Let’s take a look at the products.


nevetica incentive bonus


What products do they have?

The company has 16 products in 4 different categories:


  • Nutrition

Hip & Joint for Small and Large Dogs – This supplement contains glucosamine which is essential for hips and joints.

Digestive Support – Contains aloe vera and rosemary extract to help promote good digestive health.

Multivitamin – Got all the vitamins and minerals for overall health.

Calming Support – The supplement is infused with green tea extract and lemon balm powder to help keep your pet relaxed.

Skin and Coat – Formulated to support beautiful, healthy skin and fur.


  • Oral Care

Dental Chews for Small and Large Dogs – Dental Chews combats tartar and battles bad breath.

Water Additive Mouthwash for Small and Large Dogs – Using peppermint oil as its prominent ingredient, this product supports healthy teeth and gums.


  • Home Goods

Wet-a-Way for Small and Large Dogs – This product bsorbs fresh liquid stains from flooring with a unique, fast-acting powder.


  • Hygiene

Anti Itch Pet Spray – Sooth irritated skin while leaving your pet’s coat soft and shiny.

Paw Protector – This Paw Balm is an excellent way to provide support for your pet’s dry, chapped paws.

Waterless Shampoo – This Shampoo offers a two-fold benefit of not only cleaning the skin, but also of potentially healing it.

Hygiene Kit – This is a bundle product which includes all the above hygiene products.


Nevetica also offers product bundles which includes the products mention above.


Tell me about the Compensation Plan

Before I start with the compensation plan, I would like to mention the leadership levels first. There are 14 levels to rank up and each rank open up new ways to earn with the compensation plan.

Here are the leadership levels:

  • Nevetica Pet Consultant
  • Senior Pet Consultant
  • Area Pet Consultant
  • Regional Pet Consultant
  • Director
  • Area Director
  • Regional Director
  • National Director
  • Vice President
  • President
  • International President
  • Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Black Diamond


The Nevetica compensation plan offers you 9 ways to get paid.


nevetica compensation plan


  • Personal Sales Bonuses – Earn up to 35% in cash bonuses weekly on every pet product you sell. More customers mean more cash bonuses.


  • First Order Bonus – Earn up to 15% from first orders made by preferred customers from your personally recruited downline partners. You earn 3 levels deep with this bonus. Regional Directors also earn an extra 5% with this bonus 6 levels deep.


  • Unilevel Bonus – Earn up to 10%, 6 levels deep from team sales. How much you earn will depend on your rank.


  • Turbo Infinity Bonus – Once you achieve the rank of President, you will earn 1% on everybody’s sales in your downline. No matter how deep in your organisation.


  • The Income Match Bonus – Earn up to 25% matching bonus commission from you downlines income, 6 levels deep. International President and above can earn an additional 8% on that same income. The amount of Matching bonuses you can earn, will depend on your rank.


  • The Leadership Advancement Bonus – This is a One Time Bonus you earn when achieving a leadership rank. It starts from $1000 once off when you reach National Director. The bonus go up with every rank until you reach Black Diamond with a bonus of $100 000.


  • The Global Pool Bonus – The top leaders are rewarded a splitting share of 1% from the monthly sales of every distributor in the company. This bonus is paid out quarterly. As the company grows, so does the global pool bonus.


  • Nevetica Sponsored Incentive Trips – If you qualify for this all expenses paid Vacation, Nevetica will sponsor all the top leaders to an exotic yearly trip.


  • The Executive Leadership Council – When you qualify, the company will sponsor you on an all expenses paid trip to an exclusive meeting with all the council members and the president of Nevetica. You will also receive gifts at the National Convention.


Here are 3 Promotional Bonuses that can be activated by the company at any time:


  • Management Ranking Level Bonus – You can earn a one-time $100 bonus when you qualify and rank as a Regional Pet Consultant and a $500 one-time bonus when you reach Regional Director.


  • The Matching Management Level Ranking Bonus – You receive this bonus when you help your personal recruit to reach management level. You will receive a matching bonus the same month they reach their executive rank.


  • The Car Bonus – When you qualify for the car bonus, you earn $1200 towards the car of your choice.



Nevetica is a legit network marketing opportunity. You earn commissions from personal product sales and team sales. You do not earn referral commissions, which is very important to stay a legal opportunity.

I am wondering if the products are really unique? Do they offer something better that is already on the market? Will you be able to sell the products easily? Keep this questions in mind before you decide to join.

If this company and opportunity resonates with you, then please keep in mind that you need to commit for at least a year before you will see any results. Consistent action on a daily basis is important and you need to stay focused and don’t get distracted.

Although I can’t find anything wrong with Nevetica, I prefer a company with products that are making a huge difference in people’s lives and are not generic.

Feel free to Click Here and take a look at my #1 Recommendation.


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