Morinda was established in 1995 by Kerry Asay, Kerry Olsen and Stephen Story. Based in Utah, U.S, this global multilevel marketing company manufactures various healthcare products, designed to improve the quality of your life. They also have manufacturing factories in Japan, Tahiti, Germany and China.

In 2018, Morinda announced a merger with New Age Beverage Corporation, which means they now have plans of adding beverages into their product line. Morinda uses a global network of independent distributors to sell their products to interested customers. So, is Morinda a legitimate MLM company or a scam? Well, this Morinda review will provide answers to some of the questions you might be having. I will evaluate various aspects of the company, from the product line to the compensation plan, to help you decide whether they are worth your time and money.


what is morinda


Product Line

Morinda sells various health and nutritional products. Most of them are derived from Tahitian Noni juice, which was their flagship product. The benefits of Tahitian Noni juice include increasing body energy, boosting the immune system, prompt recovery after a workout and supporting the cardiovascular system. Other products that Morinda manufactures include:


  • Essential Oils:

They include oils such as Repel, Holiday, Energize, Breathe, Lavender, Noni Seed, and peppermint.


  • Supplements:

Some of the supplements that you can purchase from Morinda, range from enzyme blends, turmeric curcumin, whole vitamins, Probiotics and Omega 3, 6 and 9.


  • Beauty Care Products:

Morinda has a vast selection of beauty products such as skin brightening creams, lipstick, lip treatments and others.


Morinda’s product line is designed to address the needs, tastes and preferences of different people. They also sell an assortment of clothing and accessories like hoodies, t-shirts, water bottles, caps, backpacks and others. Morinda also offers a money-back guarantee on all its products. If after 90 days you are not satisfied with a product you’ve purchased from their company, then you can request a refund. Morinda will give you a full refund or exchange the product for you, depending on your preferences.


Compensation Plan

If you would like to sell Morinda’s products, then you should check out the company’s business opportunity. You can work part-time or full-time, depending on the flexibility of your schedule.  As a Morinda independent distributor, you can earn money through the following ways.


  • Customer Residual Commissions:

Instead of selling Morinda’s products to your friends and family at full price, you simply need to enroll them as customers. Once you enroll them, they will purchase the products at a discounted wholesale price. As an independent distributor, you will earn a commission of 20% from total sales volume generated from your customers. Also, you can earn customer residual commissions up to 5 generations in your downline. Customer residual commissions are paid weekly. As long as you are selling products, you will always qualify for these commissions.


  • Fast Start Bonus:

If your friends and family enroll as Independent Product Consultants or IPC, you will qualify for a Fast Start Bonus on all their orders for 60 days. This bonus is designed to award distributors with weekly checks, as an incentive for enrolling new independent distributors. You can earn a bonus of up to 45%, depending on the levels in your downline. But to earn this bonus, you must be processing an autoship sales volume of at least $120 per month.


  • Compression Bonuses:

Most network marketing companies tend to retain a larger percentage of the commissions earned by affiliates, using a concept known as breakage. Morinda uses a different concept known as dynamic compression. Through this concept, you can earn compression bonuses of up to 53%, depending on your rank in the compensation plan. Compression bonuses are paid monthly.


  • Product Royalties:

This bonus is designed to give you long-term residual income. According to the company, they have created more than 200 millionaires using this method while generating revenues worth over $2.3 billion. The highest product royalties tend to be on the lower levels. The more levels you have in your downline, the more money you will make. With this structure, any affiliate can earn these bonuses, whether you have been a Morinda independent distributor for a long time or you are just getting started.


  • Growth and Duplicate Bonuses:

You might have probably come across MLM companies whose global bonuses are reserved for the elite ranks. In such companies, it’s almost impossible for new distributors to earn these bonuses. To avoid such a scenario, Morinda uses a system where new distributors have an opportunity of earning global bonuses. As a new distributor, you can earn considerable bonuses through the Morinda business opportunity. Level 1 affiliates earn a global bonus of $150, $225 for level 2, $300 for level 3, $375 for level 4 and $450 for level 5.


  • Infinity Bonus:

Morinda dedicates 3% of its total sales each month to reward the best performing independent distributors. This is the Infinity Bonus. It rewards top leaders for building a robust sales team up to 8 levels in their downlines. This bonus rewards distributors for doing two things – building a large customer base as well as advancing to the higher ranks in the Morinda. The higher your rank, the more money you will earn.


  • Black Pearl Shared Success Bonus:

Every time you help a Diamond-ranked affiliate in your team to rise to Black Pearl, you will qualify for this bonus. To qualify for this bonus, you must be on autoship. Also, you need to recruit and maintain a certain number of affiliates every month. This bonus is paid out monthly.


  • Car Bonuses:

You can also qualify for a car bonus as a Morinda affiliate, once you achieve the rank of Diamond Elite or higher. If you are a Diamond Elite, you will receive a car bonus of $750 per month while a Double Diamond Pearl affiliate will receive a car bonus of $1000 per month.


  • Title Bonuses:

These bonuses are offered by the company’s founders, as a means of rewarding the independent distributors and encouraging them to work harder. The bonuses range from $1,000 to $20,000, depending on the rank.

Apart from the above bonuses, Morinda also offers various lifestyle incentives such as trips across the globe to its top performing affiliates. Some of the destinations that you can travel to include Africa, Bahamas, Thailand, Tahiti and India, among others.


Cost to Join

Morinda’s basic affiliate membership costs $35. Once you sign up, you can sell their products and earn commissions. If you want to enjoy all the commissions and bonuses offered in the compensation plan, then you have to part with at least $120 every month, which will help to fulfill your minimum volume purchases.


Potential Earnings

So, how much money can you earn when you join Morinda’s business opportunity? According to an income statement posted on their website, approximately 48% of their affiliates did not receive any bonuses or commissions. Affiliates in the entry level earned an average of $5.7 to $380 while those at the Platinum Diamond Pearl rank earned approximately $32,000 to $240,000.

Most of the affiliates who never received any commissions are inactive. Also, the company states that at least 0.4% of its affiliates earned car bonuses. Earnings vary from one affiliate to the other, depending on effort and leadership skills.


Final Thoughts

Morinda is a legitimate business and not a scam or a pyramid scheme. Having been operational for more than 20 years, Morinda has grown to become one of the most established companies in the bioactive industry. Also, their compensation plan is easy to understand, well-structured and provides several ways of rewarding the independent distributors.

If you understand how multi-level marketing works, then you can make money with this company. Succeeding as an independent distributor in this company works like any other business. You need to put in a great amount of effort and come up with a strategy that will help you to put your products in front of potential customers.

You need to commit for at least 3 years, build a strong team and need to support your team members. Daily prospecting for customers and new team members is essential if you want to succeed with any mlm company.

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