Monat or Modern Nature is a global hair company, which was established in 2014. They use a multi-level marketing model to promote, market and sell their products to interested customers throughout the world. You probably come across this network marketing company on various online platforms, and you might be wondering whether it’s a legitimate company or a scam.

Well, you are in the right place. This Monat review will evaluate various aspects of the company such as the products they sell as well as their business opportunity. By the end of this review, you will have all the information you need to decide whether this company is worth your time and money.


Product Line

As mentioned above, Monat deals with botanical hair products, designed to address various hair issues. Some of the products that they sell include:

  • Monat restructuring hair collection,
  • advanced hydrating collection,
  • volume system,
  • hydration system,
  • styling system,
  • shampoos, and hair conditioners.
  • Monat also sells pet grooming products such as dog wash and deodorizing sprays.


Compensation Plan

The Monat compensation plan is one of the most competitive in the industry, with lucrative commissions and various performance-based bonuses. On the other hand, it’s also quite complex, and it’s important to have a clear understanding of its various features and components. First, you need to understand the ranking system.

Monat’s compensation plan has four main ranks: Market Partner, Market Builder, Market Mentor, and Market Director.


  • Market Partner:

This is the lowest rank in this company’s compensation plan. You will be assigned this rank when you enroll or join as a new independent consultant. As a Market Partner, you should use this phase to refine your marketing skills and build a strong foundation for your business. This rank is further divided into 3 additional levels – Associate Market Partner, Lead Market Partner, and Managing Market Partner.


  • Market Builder:

After spending some time as a Market Partner, you will acquire knowledge and experience to share your expertise with other Market Partners. And if you meet the required qualifications, then you will be promoted to the rank of Market Builder. This rank is divided into 3 levels – Associate Market Builder, Market Builder, and Managing Market Builder.


  • Market Mentor:

If you meet all the qualifications in the Market Builder rank, then you will be promoted to become a Market Mentor. As a mentor, you have already acquired skills and experience to inspire and motivate Market Builders in your downline to grow their businesses.


  • Market Director:

This is the highest rank in Monat’s compensation plan. To qualify for this rank, you need to have built a robust and expansive downline. When you unlock this rank, you will qualify for all the commissions and bonuses payable in the lower ranks. This rank features 3 main levels, namely; Associate Executive Director, Executive Director and Senior Executive Director.

As an independent consultant or Market Partner, you will be rewarded frequently, fairly and quickly for your efforts in selling products and building a sales team. Here are some of the commissions and bonuses that you will earn when you join Monat as a Market Partner.


  • Unilevel or Residual Commissions:

As an active Monat Market Partner, you can earn unilevel commissions up to 4 levels in your downline. The commissions you will earn as well as the number of levels that you can be paid on will depend on your rank. For instance, if you are in the rank of Associate Market Partner, then you will only earn a unilevel commission of 7% on the first level of your downline. And if you are a Managing Market Partner, then you will earn a unilevel commission of 10% on the first level and 3% on your second level. Managing Market Builder, then you will earn unilevel commissions on all four levels.


  • Product Pack Bonus:

As an active Market Partner, you will earn this bonus every time you personally sponsor a new affiliate and they purchase one of the product packs. If they purchase the $299 product pack, then you will earn a bonus of $100, $120 for the Success Product Pack and $220 for the Overachiever Product Pack.


  • Retail Commissions:

Monat offers 30% to 40% retail commissions, every time you sell a product to a retail customer. The actual amount that you will receive will depend on the volume of products sold. For instance, if you sell products worth 1000 PV in a month, then you will earn a retail commission of 33%. If you sell products worth 2000 PV in a month, then your retail commission will be 35%. And if the customer opts for the auto-ship program, then you will be earning a commission of 15% every month that the customer is active.


  • Rank Achievement Bonus:

Every time you unlock a higher rank in the compensation plan, Monat will reward you with additional bonuses on top of the regular commissions. The bonus commission you will earn is based on the rank you’ve qualified for. For example, if you qualify for the Managing Market Partner rank, then you will earn a bonus commission of $100. If you become a Managing Market Builder, then Monat will reward you with a bonus commission of $500. Qualifying for the Market Mentor rank will earn you a bonus commission of $2,500 while qualifying for the highest rank of Senior Executive Director will earn you a bonus commission of $20,000.

Apart from the above commissions and bonuses, Monat will reward you further during your first 3 months for selling and recruiting new Market Partners. Every time you personally enroll 4 preferred or VIP customers, you will earn a bonus of $60. This is known as the VIP Customer Acquisition Bonus. You can also earn Smart Start bonuses whenever you personally enroll new customers and affiliates. For instance, if you personally enroll 4 VIP customers and sponsor 1 affiliate member, then you will earn a Smart Start bonus of $150. And if you personally enroll 12 VIP customers and recruit 1 affiliate member, Monat will reward you with a Smart Start bonus of $500. You should note that you will only earn the Smart Start bonus if the affiliates you’ve enrolled purchase the product packs.




Cost to Join

If you want to join Monat as an independent consultant, then you have to purchase one of the company’s product packs. Monat offers four main product packs namely: Starter Product Pack, Business Product Pack, Success Product Pack, and Overachiever Product Pack.


  • Starter Product Pack:

Going for $99, this product pack features 35 assorted samples, drawn from different products. Apart from the sample products, Monat will also give you various valuable resources such as workbooks and product brochures, which will help you to get started. Just like its name suggests, the $99 product pack is great for starters as well as people who are on a budget. After purchasing this product pack, you also need to pay an annual fee of $49.99 to remain an active Monat member.


  • Business Product Pack:

This product pack comes with 11 full-sized products, including shampoos, conditioners, and oils as well as 50 different product samples. It’s priced at $299. If you were to buy all these products in retail, then they would cost you approximately $499, meaning you will get 40% savings if you purchase the product pack in its entirety from the company. You should note that you also have to pay the $99 start-up fee as well as the annual $49.99 besides purchasing this product pack.


  • Success Product Pack:

If you are an accomplished multi-level marketer and you have been in this company for quite some time, then this product is meant for you. Priced at $399, it features 17 full-sized products that include hair masks, conditioners, styling products, and shampoos. You will also get over 80 different product samples when you purchase this pack. If you were to purchase all the products in this pack from retail outlets, then you will spend approximately $745, which means you will realize up to 46% savings when you buy the pack directly from the company. You also need to pay the $99 start-up fee plus the annual 49.99 fee on top of the product pack fee.


  • Overachiever Product Pack:

Going for $649, this product pack comes with 30 full-sized products, featuring an assortment of shampoos, styling products, and conditioners. You will also get 100 different sample products as well as a product brochure. Compared to the other product packs, this one is a bit expensive. But with products valued at $1,299, you will still get a significant return on investment if you manage to sell all the products in this pack. Just like the other product packs, you will also be required to pay the $99 start-up fee and the $49.99 annual fee on top of purchasing the Overachiever Product Pack.

Apart from the Start-up Product Pack, each of the other product packs features full-sized products at discounted prices as well as various sample products. It’s important to choose the product pack that suits your experience level and preferred business model. If you want to upgrade from a lower product pack to a higher product pack, then the $99 start-up fee will be included in the price.



Monat is a legitimate MLM company that sells a wide range of high-quality hair products. The company also offers a business opportunity, where affiliates can earn money by selling the products and enrolling more affiliates to join the company. If you are passionate about hair care products and you are looking for a work-from-home opportunity, then you should check out Monat.

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If this opportunity resonate with you, then please understand that you need to commit for at least one year. You also need to stay focused and prospect for customers and new consultants on a daily basis, if you want to see any success in the near future.


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