Founded by Frank VanderSloot in 1985, Melaleuca is a network marketing company that deals in nutritional supplements, beauty, personal care and household care. Based in Idaho, Melaleuca has grown to become a global multi-million dollar company, with operations in more than 20 countries around the world.

In 2015, their total sales volume eclipsed the $1 billion mark and they continue expanding every year. Currently, the company generates annual revenue of more than $2 billion. So, is Melaleuca a legitimate MLM company or a scam? Do their products work as they claim? Can you earn a decent income when you join their business opportunity? Well, this Melaleuca review will provide answers to some of these questions.


what is melaleuca


Product Line

Melaleuca’s product line features more than 400 products. According to information posted on their website, all their products go through an extensive research and development process, to ensure that the customer gets the best value for their money. Their product catalogue is broken down into various categories such as nutrition, beauty, household, bath and body, as well as essential oils. All their products come with a money-back guarantee of 3 months, if you had completed the membership form.

The best-selling products from this company are:


  • Peak Performance Total Longevity 50+:

Featuring 12 specialized supplements, this product is designed to supply your daily nutritional needs while supporting key body systems. It offers benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, supporting joint mobility and bone health, enhancing night vision, improving nutrient absorption, aiding body recovery after exercise and improving blood flow during exercise sessions. This product is available for men and women.


  • Renew:

If you are looking for a skincare product that will protect your skin against various harmful elements, then you should go for this product. According to Melaleuca, this product combines the protective benefits of petrolatum, with the penetrating power of glycerin, to nourish, moisturize and protect your skin.




Compensation Plan

The Melaleuca business opportunity uses a unilevel compensation structure, which rewards affiliates depending on the amount of sales volume generated. Once you join this compensation structure, you will have the freedom to build a sales organization, which goes for seven generations. The first five generations will consist of personally enrolled affiliates while the other two generations can come from indirect referrals.

As you build your sales organization and develop more leaders, you will ultimately qualify for more first-generation positions. But even as you join this business opportunity, it’s not advisable to quit your current job, until the money you are making on Melaleuca is 3 times your current income. All Melaleuca independent distributors qualify for various commissions and bonuses. The higher you level in the compensation structure, the more money you will earn. You will earn commissions from customers you have enrolled as well as those enrolled by affiliates in your downline.


  • Personally Enrolled Customers:

Whenever a customer in your sales unit purchases a Melaleuca product, then you will earn a percentage of the sale. The actual amount you will earn will depend on the product points generated by the customer within a given month. For customers that you enroll, you will earn two main commissions – the Product Introduction commission and Personal Customer commissions. You will earn a 50% Product Introduction commission whenever a personally enrolled customer purchases a Melaleuca during their first month.

On the other hand, the Personal Customer commission will be payable during the customer’s second month. The commission you will receive will depend on the number of personally enrolled customers within that month. For Personal Customer commission, you will earn a commission of 7% for up to 7 enrolled customers, 14% for up to 19 enrolled customers and 20% for up to 20 personally enrolled customers.


  • Customers Enrolled by Others:

If a customer enrolled by others in your business organization purchases a product, Melaleuca will pay you Organization commissions. Your commission rate will depend on the number of generations in your downline.


  • Leadership Points:

You might also qualify for leadership points depending on the amount of effort that you put towards developing leaders in your sales unit. Leadership points will unlock various ranks and bonuses, thus giving you a chance to earn more commissions. Whenever you a new customer joins your sales unit, Melaleuca will award 5 leadership points. Of the 5 points awarded, 3 will go to the person who enrolled that customer while 2 will be allocated to the individual who made the presentation. If you are the enroller and the presenter, then you will earn all the 5 points.

As noted earlier, Melaleuca also gives you a chance to earn various performance-based bonuses. You will earn bonuses every time you acquire a higher rank or status, when those in your downline advance their rank, as you enroll more customers in your sales organization or if you qualify for the car bonus.

The bonuses offered are as follows.


  • Advancement Bonus:

You will qualify for this bonus whenever you advance to a new level. The higher the newly acquired rank, the larger the bonus you will earn. The Melaleuca compensation structure has 49 ranks. Moving from one rank to the other will depend on the amount of sales volume that you generate within a specified period.


  • Pacesetter Bonus:

After you meet the qualification requirements of a new affiliate, you will qualify for this bonus within a month after your enrollment. The Pacesetter bonus is double the Advancement bonus, payable to all qualified affiliates who advance to the Director and Senior Director ranks. To qualify for this bonus, you must advance to each rank within a specified period. Each rank or status comes with a different timeline.


  • Mentoring Bonus:

Whenever your personally enrolled affiliates advance from one rank to the other, Melaleuca will pay you a bonus known as the Mentoring bonus. The amount you will earn will be equal to the Pacesetter and Advancement bonuses the affiliates in your downline get whenever they rise from one rank to the other. Also, you can earn a fixed amount ranging from $2,200 to $5,000 whenever a Senior Director 2 in your downline rise to the rank of Executive Director. The Mentoring Bonus is paid monthly to all the qualified affiliates. According to Melaleuca, their goal is to help people attain their goals. The more people you help reach their goals, the more money you will make. At the same time, the more your downline helps you achieve your goals, the more their financial benefits. As you can see, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Apart from the bonuses listed above, you can also qualify for others such as the Core Mentoring bonus, Double Core mentoring bonus, Leadership Growth bonus and the Monthly Car bonus. You should note that Melaleuca has more than 15 requirements that you must meet so that you can qualify for the different commissions and bonuses. It’s, therefore, important to be conversant with all these guidelines to ensure you don’t encounter issues along the way.


Cost to Join

You can join Melaleuca as an independent distributor or a preferred customer. If you join as a preferred customer, then you will enjoy various discounts and benefits. Preferred customers pay a membership fee of $25 every month to receive the company’s products on autoship.

Apart from paying this fee, you also need to complete and submit the customer member agreement. If you join as a preferred customer and an independent distributor and participate in the compensation plan, then you will be paying $29 per month. You also have to renew your membership annually for $12.


Final Thoughts

Melaleuca is a legitimate company that has experienced exponential growth since its launch. Also, it’s organic green products are of decent quality. But before you sign up for this opportunity, it’s important to evaluate your options. Whether you just want to use their products or you want to earn through their business opportunity, it’s always advisable to order a few products first and try them out. If the products work for you, then it will be easy to convince others to purchase them.


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