In this article I want to take a look at a company named Magnabilities. I also want to take a look at the opportunity Magnabilities offer.

Magnabilities consultants are all over Social Media. I’m not surprised if you were introduced to take a look at the opportunity.

If  you are here to seek answers, then I can help you.

I’m going to share everything you need to know and help you make an informed decision.

Let’s get started with the company.


More about the Company

Magnabilities is a jewelry network marketing company that was founded by 3 friends in 2008. Susan, Brent and Kari were going through a difficult time in their lives. Although some doors closed for them, others opened. Susan shared her jewelry idea with Brent and Kari and they loved it. They manufactured the products in their homes and started to sell it at shows and events.

News spread fast and the company started to grow. Finally, in 2010, Magnabilities entered the direct sales industry.

The company headquarters is in Sumner, WA, USA.

Magnabilities are a little different than other jewelry MLM’s like, Paparazzi Accessories, Stella & Dot, Premier Designs and Origami Owl. They offer you the chance to design your own jewelry with a variety inserts.

Let’s take a look at the products.


The Products

Magnabilities have a huge variety of jewelry available in different categories. What makes this different, is that you can design your jewelry and add different inserts which you like and prefer. This way you can have something more unique than the next consultant and customer. The base jewelry are all magnetic and you can design different inserts for each.

You can get really creative with your jewelry and I can understand why consultants and customers find this very appealing.

Let’s take a look at the compensation plan.


Magnabilities designer jewelry


The Compensation Plan

The minimum requirement to become a consultant is as follows:

  • You need to be 18 years or older
  • Must have a Social Security Number
  • Must be a citizen or a permanent resident of the USA.
  • You need to complete the Agreement Forms.

If you qualify, then you can earn 3 ways with Magnabilities:

  • Earn 25-60% retail profit on your own sales.
  • Earn up to 10% overrides on your team.
  • Earn 4% overrides on your organizational sales.

Magnabilities also offers several other rewards and bonuses including Fast Start Bonus, Matching Bonuses, and Hostess Rewards Credits.

You can start your business by getting a starter kit for $50. The starter kit include products with a value of $300.

According to the company, there are no requirements after you started the business as a consultant. There is a few things to keep in mind. If you want discounts with purchases, then you need to spend at least $250 which is 400 Personal Volume or PV. PV is a point value given to each product.

To qualify for higher ranks, your PV increases as well as Group Volume and your Downline Volume.

Magnabilities Compensation Plan


Let’s take a look at the Leadership levels

Leadership levels are divided into 3 sections:


  • Consultant

You start off as a consultant and then rank up to Bronze, Silver and Gold Consultant. To qualify for each rank, you need to have a certain PV and active legs in your downline. You also qualify for Overrides up to 2 levels down. You also earn a Gold Bonus of $200 once off.


  • Manager

The Manager rank levels are Bronze, Silver and Gold. To reach these levels you need a minimum of 800PV, 4 Active Legs and 4000 Group Volume. You can earn a Gold Bonus of $800.


  • Mentor

The Mentor rank levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold. Platinum and Diamond. To reach these levels you need a minimum of 1000PV,5 Active Legs and 10 000 Group Volume.



Magnabilities is a legit network marketing company and opportunity. You earn commissions from product sales and team sales. You do not earn commissions from referring people. Which is important if the company want to stay legal.

I did research for any complaints from customers or consultants, but could not find any. Everyone involved with the company seemed happy about the company and the products.

I think the idea of the base jewelry and inserts which you can design yourself is cool. I can understand why it is so appealing to woman.

Although the product is interesting, you need to understand that it require hard work if you want to earn a 5 figure income. Even a side income requires daily action to find new customers and consultants. If you can’t commit for at least a year, then this will not work for you.

On the other hand, if you just want to enjoy the products and create nice jewelry with you own personal touch, then you are free to do just that.

In the end it is all up to you to make that decision. Is this product an easy sell? Does it offer a solution to people’s problems? Can you earn a passive income that can offer you total financial freedom? Answer these questions and then decide if you are willing to give everything to succeed.

Thank you for reading my review. Please share your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to share this article on social media.

Talk soon.

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