Are you the kind of person who loves fashion and trendy outfits? If you do, then you probably heard about LuLaroe. The amazing low priced clothes, the awesome stories how people are making a killing and the community that is so supportive. Now you are thinking. This is it. This is what I’ve been looking for, but you just want to make sure that all this awesomeness is all real and actually true.

Well. I’m here to help.

I’ve done all the research and this review will help you make an informed decision. Personally I think you might be disappointed. I’ll explain later. Let me start with more information about the company, the opportunity and then share my thoughts.


About LuLaroe

Mark and DeAnne Stidham launched LuLaroe in 2013, and since then, the company enrolled tens of thousands of retailers with the enthusiasm to achieve financial freedom through the sale of comfortable, reasonably-priced, and stylish clothing.

Through the years, since its inception, LuLaroe has continued to fuel growth among small business owners. In 2017, financial reports indicate that the California-based company generated approximately $ 1 billion in sales from small business owners. This milestone made it one of the fastest growing clothing companies in the US.

With a wide array of outfit collections ranging from men’s wear, women’s wear to kid’s wear, customers are able to find what they need to look stylish in this day and age and the prices are low and people are saving money.

The low prices are great, but what about the products. Is it any good?


Collections of Apparel at LuLaroe

LuLaroe has a wide collection of clothing for all, ranging from kids, women, to men. The women collection has a wide array of outfits including:

  • layers,
  • tops,
  • denim,
  • dresses,
  • bottoms,
  • and skirts.

In regards to bottoms, women can choose from a diverse collection of leggings, Jade pants, and Jordan pants. If you love denim, there are pairs you can get hold of, depending on your size. Dresses come in different designs, colors, and sizes as well. If skirts are your style, there are skirt collections to show your personality as a woman. Lastly, for women, there are a variety of trendy tops that are a perfect fit for your special occasion and suitable for different seasons.

The Men’s and Kid’s lines offer a wide selection of clothes that are uniquely designed to meet the needs of the modern family. The clothes are designed in different styles so as to capture many customers to LuLaroe’s products. Just like in the women’s collection, the Men’s and Kid’s lines that LuLaroe stocks are designed with comfort in mind.

Some of the outfits include:

  • t-shirts,
  • button down shirts,
  • and denim jackets.

LuLaroe has a variety of clothing and their website shows how amazing the clothes look, but the quality and print is not that great. More about it later.


LuLaroe Business: How to Start

LuLaroe provides a business opportunity for those who wish to be Independent Fashion Retailers. The first step towards becoming a LuLaroe retailer is choosing and buying an inventory. You have the freedom of choosing a collection of comfortable clothing. The total price of your first inventory depends on the designs, styles, and quantities of the apparel you settle for.

The price starts from around $2,500 and each price range include a certain amount of clothing. The problem is, you can’t choose the print on the clothes.

When you join as a retailer, the company offer marketing tools to help you succeed. The include:

  • educational resources,
  • business support,
  • business training,
  • marketing resources,
  • leadership and team support,
  • LuLaroe events,
  • discounts,
  • and sales incentives.

All these tools and resources are geared towards growing one’s business and providing them with an environment that inspires them to become more.


Compensation Plan

Here is the levels of Leadership.


  • Consultant

To stay active as a Consultant, you are required to buy 33 pieces of clothing every month. Your initial order counts for the first 3 months.


  • Sponsor

When you start to build a team you become a sponsor. There are 2 requirements. Firstly you need to sponsor at least one person into your business. Every person you bring into the business is called your “Direct.” Secondly you need to buy 175 pieces within a calendar month.

When you qualify as a sponsor, you enjoy certain benefits like earning 5% bonus of purchases done by your directs.


  • Trainer

To qualify as a Trainer, you need to refer at least 3 directs into your business and have at least 10 Team members in your business. You also need to purchase 250 pieces within a calendar month.

If a direct buy 175 pieces within a calendar month, then the amount you have to buy are reduced by 50 pieces. This can happen 3 times. Which means if 3 directs buy 175 pieces a month, then you only need to buy 100 pieces within that calendar month and still qualify for Trainer.

Third requirement is to have total team sales volume of 1750 pieces. That requirement does not include you.

The benefit as a trainer is that you will earn the 5% bonus from purchases done by your directs. You also earn 3% from your second level and below except from teams in another trainers downline. You also earn 1% of a team in a trainers first line. 1 point in the Leadership pool and 1 point in the Leadership pool for each 1st trainer in a line.


  • Coach

To qualify as a coach, you need at least 3 Trainers is separate lines. Each direct forms a line. If you sponsor nine people, you have 9 separate lines. Three of the directs in the different lines must be trainers. Secondly you need to buy at least 250 pieces within a calendar month. Thirdly you need 1750 total team sales volume. Again, your purchases are excluded during this calculation.

The benefits as a coach is that you also earn the 5% bonus from the purchases your directs make.You earn 3% bonuses from the second level and below. You earn 1% of a whole team of a first and second trainer in a line. You earn 2 points in the Leadership pool. You also earn 1 point for each first trainer in a line and you earn 1 point for each second level trainer in a line.


  • Mentor

To qualify as a Mentor, you need three Trainers and three Coaches in different lines. You need to purchase 250 pieces in a calendar month. Again you can reduce that number to 100 if 3 of your directs each buy 175 pieces in one calendar month. The team volume must be 1750 pieces. The benefits are similar to a Coach, but there is one added benefit. The 1% you earn from the whole team of a first Trainer and second Trainer, now includes a Third Trainer.

The Leadership pool mentioned above is an extra bonus that LuLaroe pays out to leaders for their extra effort in building a team.



I can’t say that LuLaroe is a scam, but there is certainly a few things I saw that I’m not very happy about.

I did research on YouTube and found videos that shared shocking information that will make you change your mind about this company.

Here they are:

  • Firstly, most of the print on the clothes are not pretty and makes it super difficult to sell.
  • Poor quality of dresses. I saw a woman easily ripped the clothes to pieces. Without any effort.
  • You end up with huge amount of inventory that nobody wants to buy.
  • The company got a bad name over the years and there were lawsuits against the company as well.

After I saw the videos, I knew this is not the type of MLM company I want to associate myself with. In the end you need to decided for yourself. I personally think the biggest issue is the quality of the products and the fact that you can’t choose the clothes. Getting stuck with a huge amount of stock which you can’t do anything with, is certainly not the way to success.

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