Have you ever wished that you could turn back the clock and slow down the ageing process? Well, you are not alone. The anti-ageing market is currently worth more than $200 billion, and it’s predicted to hit the $300 mark by 2021. An increasing number of multi-level marketing companies have also joined the bandwagon, claiming to sell products that can reverse the ageing process.

LifeVantage is one of such companies. You might have come across their products online, or someone has already approached you and pitched the LifeVantage business opportunity. So, is LifeVantage a legitimate company or a scam? Well, this LifeVantage review will answer some of the questions you might be having about this company. I will evaluate its background, product line, compensation plan as well as other important aspects.  


what is lifevantage


About LifeVantage

Founded by David Brown in 2003, LifeVantage is a global nutraceutical company that is dedicated to helping people achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals. They claim that their products can slow down the ageing process while helping you to improve your athletic performances.

They sell their products in Japan, U.S, Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany and Thailand. LifeVantage also offers a business opportunity, where you can work part-time or full-time, selling the company’s products to interested customers.


Product Line

As noted above, LifeVantage specializes in researching, testing, as well as creating products that can slow down the ageing process and help you live longer. Their product line features a vast selection of products such as:


  • Protandim Nrf2 and Nrf1 Synergizer:

Protandim Nrf2 is a patented dietary supplement, which helps to reduce oxidative stress. Also, it provides immense benefits that fight the negative health effects that come with oxidative stress. The Protandim Nrf1 synergizer is designed to work with the Nrf2 to enhance your body’s natural ability to produce antioxidants naturally while minimizing the effects of cellular stress. The unique blend of ingredients found in the two supplements supports the mitochondria, thus slowing down the ageing process while boosting cellular energy.


  • LifeVantage True Science:

This product package features a perfecting lotion, facial cleanser, anti-ageing serum, a hand cream, as well as an eye serum. The facial cleanser is designed to remove impurities as well as light make-up without stripping your skin its natural oils. On the other hand, the eye serum significantly minimizes the creases, wrinkles and fine lines that appear around the entire area. It also reduces the puffiness below or above the eye, while firming up and tightening the upper eyelid area. As for the anti-ageing cream, it deeply moisturizes your skin while helping to fight the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


  • Petandim for Dogs:

If you are looking for a dietary supplement specifically formulated for your canine friend, then you should check out this product. Just like the Nrf2, it helps to reduce oxidative stress in dogs as well as supporting joint function, flexibility and mobility in dogs.




Compensation Plan

Being a multi-level marketing company, LifeVantage sells its products via a network of independent distributors. Once you sign up as a distributor, you can earn commissions and bonuses whenever you sell products to sponsored distributors as well as personal customers.

Some of the bonuses that you can earn include:


  • Smart Start Bonus:

Whenever you sell products to personally enrolled customers, you will earn a commission. A LifeVantage customer is an individual who purchases the company’s products through auto-ship or monthly subscription. If the customer buys products within their first calendar month, then you will automatically qualify for a Smart Start bonus of 40%.

Also, you can earn this bonus whenever you sell product packs to new distributors. LifeVantage offers 3 different product packs – Silver, Gold and Platinum. To qualify for this bonus, you need to maintain a personal sales volume of 200PV. And if your personal sales volume is between 100PV to 199PV, then you will earn a bonus of 30%. This bonus is paid weekly.


  • Launch Bonus:

LifeVantage will also reward you whenever affiliates in your downline enroll distributors and customers. And this is where the Launch Bonus comes in. But to qualify for this bonus, you must maintain a minimum sales volume of 200PV. You should also note that if you personally enroll a distributor or customer who purchases the Platinum, Gold or Silver product packs, then are eligible to receive the Launch bonus and the Smart Start bonus.


  • Unilevel Commissions:

Paid monthly, unilevel commissions provide a reliable means of earning a long-term, stable income. Whenever there is a product purchase within your organization, LifeVantage will pay you a commission of 43%. Your rank in the compensation structure, will determine the number of levels in your downline that can give you commissions. The LifeVantage compensation structure runs from PRO 1 to PRO 10. For instance, if you are a PRO 1, you will earn commissions in your first 2 levels, while a PRO 2 affiliate will earn commissions from their first 4 levels.


  • Generational Matching Bonus:

Apart from the unilevel commissions, you also qualify for additional bonuses as you rise through the ranks. If you are PRO 3-ranked affiliate, you will earn a 10% match of the unilevel commissions generated by personally enrolled affiliates. Also, you will earn an additional 5% of the unilevel commissions generated in the 2nd to 5th levels in your downline.

To qualify for the Generational Matching bonus, you must be a PRO 3-ranked affiliate or higher. Also, you must maintain a sales volume of 200PV and an additional 100PV in new sales volume. If your monthly sales volume is 100 to 199PV, then you will earn half of the matching bonus.


  • Elite Bonus Pool:

If you are a LifeVantage distributor and you maintain the Elite rank within a specified period, then you will qualify for this bonus. At the end of every month, this network marketing company takes 4% of its total global commissionable sales, and then places the money in the Elite Bonus Pool. This money is then shared out to all qualified Elite distributors.

The number of shares you will receive will depend on your rank in the company. For instance, if you are an Elite PRO 7-ranked affiliate, you will only earn a single share. If you are an Elite PRO 8-ranked affiliate, then you will earn one share in the PRO 8 pool and one share in the PRO 7 pool.


  • Achievement Bonus:

Once you have generated the necessary sales volume required to attain the rank of Master PRO 10, Executive Master PRO 10, as well as Presidential Master PRO 10, you will automatically receive a rank achievement bonus. Master PRO 10 receives a one-time bonus of $100,000, $250,000 for the Executive Master PRO 10 and $500,000 for the Presidential Master PRO 10.




Cost to Join

If you want to become a certified LifeVantage distributor and participate in the compensation plan, then you must enroll under an existing affiliate. It’s important to note that you will not be working for the person who enrolls you. Instead, you will be working under them. Depending on the amount of effort that you put in, you can even surpass your sponsor’s rank. You need to choose an active sponsor. Also, you should ensure their upline is solid, since it will help you grow your own sales unit.

Once you’ve chosen your sponsor, you will be redirected to their website, where you have to buy one of the 3 kits, which cost approximately $300 to $1200. You can upgrade your kit any time. You also need to maintain sales worth $40 per month or more so that you can continue receiving commissions and bonuses.   



LifeVantage is a legitimate MLM company, focused on creating products that can slow down the ageing process while improving your overall health and wellness. Also, this company is public listed and traded, thus setting it apart from other MLMs in its niche.

On the other hand, a much as their products look promising, they are extremely expensive. Also, as much as they claim that their products can slow down the body’s ageing process, there is no scientific proof that backs up the efficacy of their products. If you check their income disclosure statement, their affiliates’ failure rate is quite high.

Whether you should purchase their products or join their business opportunity will ultimately depend on personal preferences.You need to be very dedicated, take daily action to prospect new customers and distributors. Also commit for at least 3 years to reach a point of financial security or freedom.


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