The health and wellness niche is currently one of the hottest trends in the network marketing industry. And hundreds of MLM companies are joining this promising niche every day.  Lifeplus is one of such companies. You have probably come across this company on your social media news feed, or someone has already approached you and urged you to join this opportunity.

Up until now, you are yet to join Lifeplus because you are not sure whether it’s a legitimate opportunity or a scam. Well, you came to the right place. In this Lifeplus review, I will evaluate the company’s background, its product line, as well as its business opportunity. Are their products genuine? Is it worth your time, effort and money? I will be answering some of these questions in this review.


What is Lifeplus


About Lifeplus

Founded by Bob Lemon in 1992, Lifeplus is a network marketing company that sells various nutritional supplements. Before launching Lifeplus, Bob worked as a pharmacist, which means he has some experience when it comes to nutritional supplements.

Being a multi-level marketing company, Lifeplus uses its network of independent distributors to ensure customers can conveniently purchase the products whenever they need them. Since its launch, Lifeplus has grown into a global brand, with a presence in more than 50 countries around the world.


Product Line

Lifeplus sells more than 200 products, divided into nutritional supplements and personal care. According to information posted on the company’s website, Lifeplus uses a combination of minerals, vitamins and various herbal ingredients when manufacturing their products to ensure maximum effectiveness. Their product line features ingredients such as cinnamon bark, L-Arginine, Dutch cocoa, kelp, hyaluronic acid, Gotu Kola, and Ginkgo Biloba. Also, there is a fact sheet on their website, which sheds further information about all the product’s nutritional information.  

Their range of nutritional supplements is aimed at supporting your natural wellbeing. They fall into various categories such as general wellness, targeted wellness, weight wellness, and sports nutrition. For sports nutrition, you can purchase various pre-workout shakes such as the Be Focused Berry, which supplies the necessary energy that you need for your workouts. And when it comes to targeted wellness, Lifeplus offers mineral and vitamin supplements, which provides support to key functions in your body such as joints, heart, brain, skin and eyes.

As for personal care products, Lifeplus sells natural skincare, beauty and body products, which will help you to look and feel great. For body care, you can purchase the Forever Young range of botanicals such as Life Plus Wonder Gel or FY Botanicals Body Lotion. And if you are looking for anti-ageing creams, then you can purchase the anti-ageing serums and facial moisturizers. All these products are available on the company’s website. You can also purchase them from an independent distributor near you.




Compensation Plan

Lifeplus offers a fair compensation structure, which rewards you depending on the amount of effort you put in. Unlike other MLM companies, you don’t have to purchase products in bulk to participate in this compensation plan. Also, you will be growing your business at your own pace. You can join this business opportunity on a full-time or part-time basis, depending on your needs or preferences.

You will also notice that this compensation plan is quite flexible. The more you help others succeed, the higher the rewards you will get. The Lifeplus compensation plan is broken down into three main components – referral bonuses, leadership bonuses and leadership development bonuses. These bonuses are calculated using an international points system or IP.

Bonus earnings are based on the total volume generated, either via direct or indirect sales. It’s important to note that Lifeplus is a worldwide business, which means that you can sponsor someone from in the U.K, who can in turn enroll someone in Germany. You can grow your sales team as much as you want and you can recruit affiliates from all parts of the globe. Due to its global presence, Lifeplus doesn’t calculate bonus payments based on national monetary values. Instead, it uses a fair model known as the International Points (IP).

Every Lifeplus product comes with a sales price as well as an associated IP value. Every time you purchase products from this company for personal use or re-sale, you will earn a certain number of International Points. The total IP will then determine you bonus payments. The bonus payments are calculated automatically. To receive your earnings, you just need to complete the company’s direct credit form and Lifeplus will pay your referral bonus straight to your bank account. You will also receive a monthly statement in your email account.




  • Referral Bonuses:

To qualify for referral bonuses, you need to attain a certain sales volume or personal volume (PV). If you are actively purchasing products, then you will ultimately qualify for referral bonuses. All the affiliates that you enroll into Lifeplus are your direct referrals, and they will join the first level of the compensation structure. And when your direct referrals enroll other affiliates, then the newly recruited affiliates will join the second level of this compensation structure.

Subsequent levels are formed using a similar approach. If within a calendar month you have generated sales volume of 40 IP, then you will receive a 5% bonus of the total sales volume generated by your direct referrals. You will also qualify to receive a 25% bonus of the total sales volume generated by your indirect referrals or those in the second level of your sales team. Also, you qualify to receive a referral bonus of 10% from the total sales volume generated by the third level of your team. But to qualify for the 10%, you must have 3 active legs and one of the legs must have someone who is ordering a monthly product volume of 40IP.


  • Leadership Bonuses:

As you sell more products and build a robust sales team, you will start rising through the leadership ranks. Eventually, you will find yourself helping and guiding more people in your downline to establish their own sales team. The good news is that Lifeplus will reward your efforts with various leadership bonuses. The leadership bonus you will receive will depend on your rank in the compensation structure.

Lifeplus has 4 main leadership ranks – bronze, silver, gold and diamond. For bronze level you will earn a leadership bonus of 3%, 6% for silver, 9% for gold and 12% for diamond. Leadership bonuses are highly dependent on the performance of your downline. If there is any member of your downline who fails to meet the qualifications within a given month, then those beneath will be pushed up, meaning that you can still earn your bonuses.


  • Monthly Bonus Pool:

Lifeplus also offers a Monthly Bonus Pool, where qualifying affiliates share 1% of the company’s sales. This bonus is shared among affiliates who sponsor at least 3 new affiliates within a calendar month while ensuring that their downlines remain active. For instance, if you enroll three new affiliates within a calendar month, and your existing 3 affiliates are active, then you will automatically qualify for the Monthly Bonus Pool.

Once you join the Lifeplus business opportunity, the company will provide you with various resources, designed to help you build your business. First, you will have access to a wide range of professional and practical business tools, which will help you to launch a personalized website. Also, Lifeplus will give you various online tools, which you can use to promote and market your business.



With a solid product line and a simple compensation plan, Lifeplus appears to be a legitimate MLM company. They offer a legitimate business opportunity, which can help you to earn an income, whether you are working on a part-time or full-time basis. But just like MLM companies, Lifeplus also has some shortcomings.

For instance, your rise through the ranks will depend on how your downline is performing. If your downline is weak or inactive, then you might not qualify for the leadership bonuses. As you can see, if you are just launching your network marketing career, then this might not be the right opportunity for you. On the other hand, if you are an experienced affiliate marketer, then you can earn a decent income from this opportunity.

It takes time, daily effort and you need to commit for at least 3 years to become financially successful.


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