I was introduced to Lifebrook on Social Media and I had no idea the company existed. I did some research and decided to share my findings in this review and help you to learn more about the company and make an informed decision if this is for you or not.

Are you curious to learn more about Lifebrook? I am answering all of the following questions you may have. More about the Company, the product, their compensation plan and I’m ending by sharing my findings with you.

Let’s get started.


Who and What is Lifebrook?

Lifebrook is a family business that was founded by Tony and Jennifer Heisterkamp in 2017.

It all started in 2005 when Tony and Jennifer bought a small farm in the South Dakota-Iowa border where they planned to retire after 35 years in the furniture business. The hard work on the farm caused pain and inflammation in Tony’s wrists. One of the local farmers introduced Tony to the Aronia berry and Tony was surprised by the results he experienced after weeks of consuming the berries.

Tony started doing more research and soon they planted the Aronia berries on their farm. He also got in touch with other Aronia farmers and 12 years later, Lifebrook was founded.


What products do they have?

The Aronia berry is very rich in Antioxidants and it’s been used by Native Americans as a healing source for generations. Antioxidants plays a very important role in:

  • Eye Health,
  • Brain Health,
  • Circulatory and Heart Health,
  • Digestive Health,
  • Joint Health
  • and Blood Health.

Lifebrook offer 2 products to the market.


  • Puronia

Puronia contains pure aronia berry juice for overall body health. You consume 1.75oz twice a day and according to the company, you can enjoy benefits life more energy, boots immune system, clearer thinking, healthy joints, better sleep and Improved digestion. The retail price for a 4 pack is $80.

Puronia Juice


  • Vitronia Daily

Vitronia Daily is a multivitamin supplement with all the vitamins and minerals including aronia powder. The retail price is $40 per bottle and it will last you 30 days.

Vitronia supplement


How does the Compensation Plan Work?

When you join Lifebrook, you become an Independent Advocate. You complete the Advocate Application and purchasing an Electronic Business Kit & 1st Year Access for $49.95 or you can buy one of their Optional Fast Start Packs.

Once your application is accepted you can begin selling Lifebrook products through your individual website, provided as a part of your monthly business support program.

You need to be an “active” member to earn. To stay an active member, you need to have $32 Personal Bonus Value within a calendar month. The Personal Bonus Value is products purchased and products purchased by retail and preferred customers in a calendar month.

You can earn 6 ways with Lifebrook.


  • The Marketing Phase

Within the Marketing Phase you can earn 20% retail commissions by selling the product.

You can also offer your retail customers the option to become Preferred Customers for free by committing to a monthly auto ship. Preferred Customers enjoy a 20% discount and you as an Advocate, earn a 20% Preferred Customer Bonus.

You also earn a Fast Start Pack Bonus when you introduce a new Advocate. This is a one-time 25% bonus which is paid weekly.

The Fast Start Pack costs $140 and includes 6 bottles of Puronia, 2 bottles of Vitronia and the retail value is $200. The Fast Start Pack also includes your 1st year access to the Electronic Business Kit, Lifebrook’s Back Office, Replicated Websites, Training and Marketing Tools.


  • The Leadership Phase

Within the Leadership Phase you can earn 2 ways.

Firstly when you sponsor an Advocate, they are on your level and you are eligible to earn a 10% Advocate Team Level 1 Bonus on the assigned Bonus Value (BV) of the Advocate’s Personal Retail Sales (PRS), as long as you remain “Active”. As you move up the ranks you will earn this Advocate Team Level Bonus up to 5 Levels deep.

lifebrook advocate team bonus


Secondly when you sponsor an Advocate, you may earn off their Personal Retail Sales, as explained above. They have the option to turn their Retail Customers into Preferred Customers. While they benefit from earning the 20% Preferred Customer Bonus, As the sponsoring Advocate you may be eligible to earn 5% Preferred Customer Level bonuses on the assigned Bonus (BV) of the Preferred Customers purchases for up to 5 levels.

lifebrook customer level bonus


  • The Executive Phase

Within the Executive phase you are rewarded for your leadership in mentoring other leaders and earn up to 3% in Executive Bonuses.

Moving up in ranks will allow you to get closer to meeting the Executive Phase. Keep in mind, while no bonuses are paid to achieve these ranks, your levels of pay still hinge on what level “Star” you are which I mentioned in the Leadership Phase.

Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Executives qualify for the Executive Bonuses.

As a Ruby Executive, you will earn 1% of all sales of your total down-line or until your next Ruby Executive. When an Advocate in your down-line becomes a Ruby Executive, then they earn the 1% bonus on all sales to infinite levels below them to the next Executive. In order for you to earn a bonus on that RUBY’s team, you will want to advance to the next rank of Emerald Executive.

As an Emerald Executive, you will earn 2% of all sales of your total down-line until your next Executive. If that next Executive is a Ruby, then they earn the 1% Ruby Bonus on all sales to infinite levels below them until their next Executive and you earn the difference (2 – 1 = 1%) of 1% on unlimited levels below them.

As a Diamond Executive, you will earn 3% of all sales of your total down-line until your next Executive. If that next Executive is a Ruby Executive, they would earn 1% Ruby Bonus on all sales to infinity levels below them and you earn the difference (3 – 1 = 2%) of 2% on unlimited levels below them. If you have another Executive that is an Emerald, they would earn 2% Emerald Bonus on all sales to infinity levels below them until their next Executive and you earn the difference (3 – 2 = 1%) of 1% on unlimited levels below them.



Lifebrook is a network marketing company focusing on the health niche. There are so many network marketing companies in the health niche and the competition is fierce.

Lifebrook is a legit network marketing company and you earn commissions from products sales and not from referring new advocates. Although  it a legit company, I do have some concerns about the products.

Although the products are good quality and the berries are rich in antioxidants, I still think they don’t offer something different that is already on the market. There are already so many products offering similar benefits. The competition is huge and the products do not have the edge to offer something amazing. I personally think that there are better options regarding products and compensation plan.

Here is the MLM I recommend – Click Here

I personally don’t like how you are forced to pay for a starter kit to get started. Free membership is always a better option and I think it should be available with every network marketing opportunity.

If Lifebrook resonate with you, then it is important to commit for at least a year. Building a mlm business takes time. Daily action is required to refer new customers and advocates. Without commitment you are destined to fail.


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