The supplements industry has grown significantly over the last couple of years. Currently, the industry is worth billions of dollars, and there are no signs of slowing down. Supplements promise to improve your health, without much effort, thus their high demand. As a result, an increasing number of network marketing companies have joined this industry.

These companies are selling various supplements while offering an opportunity for people to make money. Kyani is one of such companies. You might have come across their products being advertised or one of the company’s affiliates has approached you and tried to convince you to join Kyani. So, is Kyani a legitimate network marketing company or a scam? Well, this Kyani review will help you to figure out whether this is a legitimate company or not.


What is Kyani


About Kyani

Kyani is a health and wellness company that was founded by the Taylors and Hansens families in 2005. It has grown from a small, family-based company to a global, multi-million dollar brand. Kyani uses a network marketing model, with more than 100,000 distributors spread across more than 50 countries across the world.

Today, this global nutraceutical brand has its own science advisory board, featuring a team of experienced scientists and doctors. This team is tasked with research and development, to ensure that all the products coming from the company meet high-quality standards. Kyani also runs a charity program known as the Caring Hands Mission, aimed at improving the livelihoods of children, by giving them access to sanitation, education as well as nutrition.


Product Line

Kyani sells a wide range of health and nutritional products, which have been manufactured using the latest modern technology. According to information on their website, all their products are produced from natural ingredients. They are designed to give you maximum wellness while promoting youthful confidence. The Triangle of Health is the foundation of the company’s product line.




It features 3 main products:


  • Kyani Sunrise:

This product was developed to leverage the power of polyphenols, which are found in wild Alaskan blueberries. It also contains ingredients from more than 22 other super foods as well as various vitamins and minerals. Just like its name suggests, this product is taken in the morning to give you a healthy boost throughout the day. Also, it reduces oxidative stress in your body while giving you a healthy supply of energy to help you carry out your tasks effectively.


  • Kyani Sunset:

This is a powerful nutritional supplement, which contains omega-3 fatty acids. It offers numerous benefits such as supporting your immune system, increasing energy, maintaining healthy digestion, supporting stress management, enabling cognitive function and supporting joint flexibility.


  • Kyani Fleuresse:

Every day, your skin is exposed to various environmental factors, which can lead to severe damage as well as premature ageing. The Kyani Fleuresse is designed to combat such issues. It features a unique blend of powerful ingredients, which improve skin firmness while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s available in 5 variations.




Compensation Plan

Similar to other network marketing companies out there, Kyani’s compensation plan revolves around sale of products and recruiting other people to sell these products. You will also earn numerous bonuses along the way, depending on the amount of effort that you put in. When you join Kyani, you will start out as an independent distributor. And with time, you will rise through various ranks, from Garnet to Double Black Diamond.

Also, it’s important to note that different products have different values in terms of monetary value and the bonuses they carry. As a qualified distributor, you will get the products from the company at a wholesale price. You can then sell them at a retail price and the difference is your commission. Some of the bonuses that you can earn include:


  • Retail Profit Bonus:

Whenever you sell products to registered or preferred customers, you will earn the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. The difference between the wholesale price and what the registered customer pays will be your retail profit bonus. Kyani pays out this bonus together with other bonuses you have earned at the end of every week. But to earn this bonus, you must be a qualified distributor. Also, you must have generated a sales volume of at least 25QV, by the time this bonus is calculated.


  • Personal Customer Bonus:

Every time you sell products to your personal customers, you will receive a commission of 20% per sale or order. This bonus is also paid weekly. To earn this bonus, you must be a qualified distributor and you must have generated a qualifying volume of 25QV, by the time this bonus is calculated.


  • Customer One-Time Bonus:

Kyani will reward for building a robust customer base. Whenever you achieve a certain monthly volume, you will qualify for a one-time bonus. You must be a qualified distributor to qualify for this bonus. Also, your sales unit must have generated a volume of 100QV or more, to be eligible for the customer one-time bonus. If you achieve a volume of 500CV, you will earn a bonus of $100 while a 1000CV will earn you a payout of $500.


  • Team Bonus:

If an affiliate in your downline enrolls a new independent distributor, you might qualify for the Differential Team Bonus. The amount you will earn will depend on the Starter Pack the distributor has purchased, your rank, as well as the rank of the distributor that has enrolled a new member.


  • Car Bonus:

From the rank of sapphire, you may qualify for a car bonus, which unlocks a monthly payment of $10,000. To qualify for this bonus, you need to maintain the Sapphire rank for at least two continuous months.

As you recruit more people to join Kyani, your team will grow and expand. Every person that you enroll will also grow and develop their teams. This is known as the sponsor tree. All directly sponsored affiliates will be positioned under you, thus forming the first level of the unilevel team. And whenever your personally sponsored affiliates enroll a new member, the newly recruited affiliate will form the second level of the team.

Subsequent levels of the unilevel compensation structure are formed using a similar approach. You will earn a percentage of the sales volume generated in your downline as well as the numerous bonuses listed above, as you grow your team.




Cost to Join

Once you join Kyani as an independent distributor, you are required to buy a product pack, if you want to participate in the compensation plan. The product packs come with a price range of $299 to $999. Packages that have a higher price offer higher commissions and bonuses.

You also need to purchase an independent distributor pack for $40, which features business-training materials. You have to renew this pack annually for $20. Kyani also offers an optional package of various web tools for $12.50. This optional package gives you access to the company’s back office management tools as well as a customized website, which will help you to run your business.



  • Products offer numerous health benefits
  • You can earn numerous commissions and bonuses as you rise through the ranks
  • Their products don’t contain artificial or synthetic additives



  • High start-up costs
  • Complex ranking system



Kyani is a legitimate MLM company that sells nutrition and skincare products. It also offers a business opportunity, where you can make money selling their products. Also, their profit margins are comparable to other MLM companies in this niche. But the reality is, selling their products will not be enough, if you want to earn anything decent.

You have to build a large sales unit and keep expanding your team. If you enjoy talking to people and introducing network marketing opportunities to others, and you can take rejections positively and keep pushing, then this opportunity might be great for you. On the other hand, if you have never been involved in network marketing before, then you are probably not cut out for this opportunity.


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