If you are planning to launch and run a thriving online business, then you will need a wide range of tools. Gone are the days when a simple email solution and a WordPress blog were enough. These days, if you want to remain competitive, you will need funnels to collect leads, webinars, as well as customer support tools. Also, you will need a reliable email service provider.

If you purchase all these tools separately, then you might end up spending thousands of dollars. And this is where Kartra comes in. It combines all these features and functionalities into an integrated and simple platform. This Kartra review will evaluate all the platform’s features, its benefits, as well as its drawbacks, to help you determine whether it’s the right marketing automation tool for your online business.


What is Kartra


About Kartra

Kartra is a comprehensive marketing automation tool, designed for internet marketers and online businesses. Launched in 2018 by Genesis Digital, this all-in-one, digital marketing solution, combines email, video, customer support as well as shopping cart management into one package.

With this tool, you can:

  • build and launch marketing campaigns,
  • build web pages,
  • host marketing and sales videos,
  • administrate and manage your affiliates,
  • manage your shopping carts,
  • and coordinate your customers, among other features,
  • affiliate management,
  • product launches to product promos,
  • membership sites to subscriptions,
  • lead scoring to lead generation,
  • video marketing to analytics.

Kartra provides the solutions that you will need, to run an online business without limitations.


Main Features

As noted above, Kartra is a blend of various digital marketing functions, designed to provide a seamless means of running an online business. It’s designed to help you save money, acquire new customers and retain your existing customers. To this end, Kartra offers the following features and functions.


Page Builder

A landing page is a vital element of an online marketing campaign. Once you sign up for Kartra and choose your preferred pricing plan, you no longer have to worry about hiring a web designer or learning how to code. Kartra’s drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy to create a wide range of pages, which you can use in your marketing campaigns. Apart from landing pages, you can also create various types of other pages, depending on the needs and size of your business. With the Kartra’s page builder, you can create:

  • webinar registration pages,
  • downsell and upsell pages,
  • email subscription pages,
  • thank you pages,
  • and sales pages, among others.

You can then use Kartra’s A/B testing feature to test the pages you’ve created on this platform or those you’ve built on your server. Also, you can customize these pages according to how you want them to look or depending on your company’s branding. The Kartra page builder is easy to use and full-functioned, to ensure you can create different pages for your business, within the shortest time possible.

It will save you not only time, but also money that you would have spent hiring web designers and developers. The page builder also comes with additional page templates, which you might need in your business, such as, coming soon pages, squeeze pages, product launch and video sales.

Katra’s page builder offers a lot of flexibility and options, which means that it can be overwhelming if you are using it for the first time. If you are planning to launch a product within a limited timeframe, then it’s highly advisable to use the ready templates. You can then make some minor adjustments such as wording and color, to align with your marketing campaigns. You can connect all these pages to your website through Kartra’s custom domain feature.


Kartra landing pages


Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a powerful asset when it comes to running an online business. Kartra understands this, and they have come up with a dynamic email list for your customer, subscribers or leads. Popularly known as My Campaigns, this feature helps you to manage all your email communications, customer tagging and autoresponder sequences.

Also, it will help you to create and manage email lists. Kartra offers several pre-made email templates, which feature testimonials and countdown timers, to boost your campaign’s success rate. Once you sign up for Kartra, you will no longer need subscriptions to 3rd party email services, leading to cost savings. You can either use the ready email templates or design new ones from scratch, using the platform’s drag and drop feature. Creating and launching email campaigns.


Lead Capture and Generation

Kartra also comes with a form builder, which enables users to create responsive and stylized opt-in forms. With these forms, you can then build a responsive email list. These forms will also enable you to convert visitors to subscribers, while boosting your email open rate. When using this feature, you can view how your form will appear to your leads, once you’ve finished creating it.

These forms combine exceptionally well with the platform’s pages and templates. Whether you want to place the form on the side bar or at the bottom of the page, you just need to drag it to your preferred position. You can also transfer these forms to your personal blog or website, by simply copying the code and pasting it where you want the form to appear.

You have the option of copying two codes – a Java-based form or a simple html form. The Java-based form comes with more design elements, compared to the simple html form. You can customize these forms as much as you want, depending on your target audience.


Video Hosting

Videos are a powerful means of promoting and marketing your products. But for most people, uploading a video on a blog or a website can be a challenging process. Kartra removes all the technological complexities associated with video hosting. With this tool, you simply upload the video that you want to use in your content marketing campaigns, and Kartra will handle the rest.

The video player is highly optimized and easily personalized. It allows you to make an offer while the video is playing, direct the viewer to another page even before the viewer finish watching the video or even capture leads when the video is playing.

Apart from being flexible, this tool is highly intuitive. For instance, it can remember if a certain visitor left the video halfway. With this functionality, Kartra’s automated marketing systems can perform actions such as tagging a viewer or sending an email to the subscriber, depending on the section of the video they watched.

As you can see, you can send follow-up emails to the subscriber, telling them what they might have missed, or even give them a link that takes them back to your video. Kartra’s video feature, also comes with a call-to-action button, which enables you to add prospecting and sales functions to your videos directly. At the end of every video, you have the option of simply ending it, looping it from the beginning, playing another video, or redirecting to a URL.


Membership Sites

Apart from being a marketing and sales platform, you can also use Kartra to create membership sites. Kartra’s drag and drop interface enables you to create professional-standard membership sites, which you can use to sell various types of content. These sites will automatically generate usernames, login pages and user passwords. As the site admin, you just need to create content and your membership sites will be ready.

Kartra membership sites are structured like a traditional blog. They come with a home page, as well as various categories to organize your content. Regarding the content, you can add audio, video, text, images, and various downloadable documents. Once you create the content, you can deliver it via various access levels. For instance, you can release content daily, weekly, monthly or depending to your preferences. Also, you can create various membership levels such as gold, silver and bronze, thus giving your subscribers a chance to pay for the content they want to access.

Kartra membership sites are also structured in a way that you can drip content to subscribers, using your preferred time-release schedule. You can also run various automations on your membership sites such as assigning tags, subscribing or unsubscribing customers to various membership levels or adding customers. In short, Kartra gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to membership sites. Once your membership sites are running, you can accept payments via Stripe, PayPal, Braintree and Authorize.net.


Affiliate Management

If you are planning to use the affiliate marketing model to grow your online business, then you can use Kartra’s affiliate management tools. With this tool, you can easily manage your affiliates by tracking their total sales, commissions, returns, and payouts. Once you upload your products on the platform, you can then decide the commission amount that you will pay your affiliates, whenever they refer a customer to your business.

Also, Kartra’s affiliate management portal enables you to set different commission tiers. For instance, you can assign a VIP tier to an affiliate who helps you to process a large number of orders, thus giving them a higher commission. You can also view how much you have paid your affiliates, the payment method you used to pay them as well as the date of each transaction.

With Kartra, you can also choose whether you want an automatic affiliate approval process or a manual one. On top of that, you can set up some questions that you would like the affiliates to answer, before you approve their requests to join your program. Setting up a legal agreement that states the terms and conditions of your affiliate program is equally straightforward. You can download generic legal agreement forms online, customize them to suit your program and then upload them on the Kartra affiliate management platform.


Kartra analytics



Whether you are running a membership site or an affiliate program, Kartra’s analytics will help you to measure the performance of your online business. This feature will help you to evaluate your sales, revenue generated, refunds as well as other metrics related to your business.

For instance, you can measure how your email marketing campaigns are performing by monitoring metrics such as open rates, clicks, and conversion rates. You can also measure whether your landing pages are performing according to your expectations. Kartra’s analytics are accurately integrated and regularly updated to ensure that they give you a comprehensive view of how your online business is performing.

Also ,Kartra analytics will also help you to determine whether you are getting value for your money from your online marketing campaigns.


Kartra Helpdesk

You can also use Kartra as a customer service solution for your business. The Kartra Helpdesk features a knowledge base management system as well as ticket system, which you can use to manage customers at different levels. This tool also comes with a live agent chat system, which you can use to provide immediate support to your customers. Also, you can keep in touch with your customers via phone or Skype.

Apart from the ordinary features that you would get in other customer support systems, Kartra’s helpdesk also comes with customer history. Kartra’s helpdesk also features a help-article wiki, which you can use for FAQs. Besides that, you can easily track how your customer support team is performing.

Kartra’s customer support system is integrated with the sales platform, which means you will have direct access to any of your customers’ details. You can see what each customer has subscribed to, their purchases, their lead score, and emails opened, among other details. With such an integrated sales platform, you can keep your customers and prospects happy by providing the highest level of customer service.


Kartra Commerce

This feature is designed for those who want to sell various types of products online. With Kartra Commerce, you can sell as many products as you want. Also, you can set numerous price points for every product you are selling, as well as multiple channels of selling them. For instance, you can set up a one-time purchase or allow the buyer to pay via installments.

You can also add sales tax and shipping tax by geographic location or even include a money-back guarantee for some of the products you are selling. Furthermore, you can customize product pages by using attractive designs. With Kartra Commerce, you have all the flexibility you need to sell your products online.



Kartra offers 5 main payment packages, designed for different user needs. They include the Starter, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. These pricing plans mainly differ by:

  • the number of emails you can send in a month,
  • monthly bandwidth,
  • number of contacts,
  • as well as the number of marketing tools you can have.

But whichever package you choose, you will have access to the platform’s assortment of features, tools and benefits.


  • Starter Plan:

If you have just launched your online business and you only have a single website, then you should go for the Starter plan. For $89 per month, you will have up to 2,500 contacts, 15,000 emails monthly, create up to 100 pages, launch 20 products, and create up to 2 membership sites, among other features.


  • Silver Plan:

This is one of the most popular pricing plans offered by Kartra. Once the 2-week trial period is over, you will pay $199 per month, if you want to upgrade to this plan. For the perks, you will get 12,500 contacts per month, up to 125,000 emails monthly, create unlimited pages and products, unlimited helpdesk portals, unlimited automations, create unlimited membership sites, 3 custom domains and up to 125GB monthly bandwidth.


  • Gold Plan:

As your online business grows, you might need to send more emails or require more bandwidth per month. At this stage, you can upgrade to this plan. This plan goes for $299 per month, and comes with all the features you will get in the lower packages. It also features up to 25,000 contacts, 250,000 emails per month, 200 GB bandwidth, and up to 5 custom domains. This package is best suited for mid-sized online businesses.


  • Platinum Plan:

For $499 per month, you will get all the perks offered by the lower packages, as well as up to 50,000 contacts, send up to 500,000 emails per month, 10 custom domains, and up to 500GB of monthly bandwidth.


  • Diamond Plan:

The Diamond plan is designed for users who are running large online businesses and offering hundreds of products. It goes for $699 per month, and comes with up to 100,000 monthly contacts, up to 1 million emails, 10 custom domains as well as 600GB monthly bandwidth, as well as all the other features offered by the other packages.

It’s advisable to choose a package that matches the size of your business as well as your needs. If you choose a bigger package than the size of your business, then you will be paying for some features that you will not be using. On the other hand, if the package you choose is too small for your business, then you might miss out on some leads and conversions. Also, your pages might load slowly, since the traffic is higher than the allocated resources.


Target Audience

Kartra helps individuals and businesses to create marketing campaigns within a few hours, and then launch them without hiring professional web designers and developers. You just need to pay $1 and sign up for the 14-day trial period. After that, you will have access to a wide range of tools, design to help you run your online business. It helps marketers to strategize and implement online marketing strategies. It’s designed for both advanced and beginner online marketers, who are creating and launching sales funnels as well as marketing automation systems for their online businesses.

This digital marketing solution is also designed for anyone who wants to launch a product on the market, within the shortest time possible. Its market automation sequences will help you to track customers and close sales. It comes with tested, pre-designed templates, as well as ready-to-launch campaigns, which will save you time and money. Kartra is also designed to help you achieve your digital marketing goals, by driving targeted traffic to your offers while boosting the conversion rate.

Kartra is also a reliable solution for anyone who wants to shift towards a centralized marketing approach, which will bring together different aspects of a business. Instead of subscribing to different marketing solutions or tools, Kartra brings all of them together, thus making it easy to access and synchronize various aspects of an online business. If you are tired of trying to duct-tape online marketing solutions that are not compatible with each other, then you should check out Kartra.

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Kartra vs Clickfunnels

When it comes to building landing pages, funnels, and membership sites, you have the option of choosing Kartra or ClickFunnels. Both tools are designed to make your work easier when it comes to accomplishing these tasks. Some people prefer using Kartra, while others will tell you that ClickFunnels is the best. So, between the two platforms, which one should you use for your online business?

Read more about Clickfunnels



  • All in one:

Both Kartra and ClickFunnelsare designed in a way that you will not need external software or additional tools to set up and launch sales funnels. Once you sign up, you will have access to their respective dashboard, where you will find a wide range of tools for your marketing campaigns.


  • Drag and drop functionalities:

When it comes to building web pages or sales funnels, you will enjoy working with any of these tools. They come with a drag and drop functionality, which makes it easy to design and build sales funnels, landing pages and sales pages. Thanks to this feature, you no longer have to waste time or money, trying to purchase an additional software for building your landing pages.


  • Pre-built templates:

Another similarity between these two funnels tools is that they come with pre-built templates. And you can customize any of these templates to suit your business and brand needs.


  • Affiliate management tool:

Both ClickFunnels and Kartra are equipped with affiliate marketing tools. With these tools, you can assign tasks to affiliates and track the customers they have referred to your business as well as the commissions they have earned over a certain period.


  • Difficult to learn:

As much as both tools are great when it comes to running and managing an online business, they come with a learning curve. It will take you some time before you have mastered how to use their features and building a sales funnel. Both ClickFunnels and Kartra offer in depth video tutorials online, which will guide you on how to use these tools.


  • Funnel cloning functionality:

Both tools come with the option of sharing your sales funnels with affiliates or other marketers. Once they receive the link, they can download the funnels directly into their accounts.



  • Goal differentiation:

As much as the two platforms serve a similar purpose, their approach when it comes to building sales funnels is different. With ClickFunnels, the process is sequential and straightforward. In short, ClickFunnels is task oriented while Kartra is more of a goals-oriented tool. When you are building sales funnels using ClickFunnels, you will notice that everything is laid out systematically. But if you are using Kartra, you first need to define the goals that you intend to achieve with your sales funnels.


  • Basic plan functionality:

Kartra offers almost all the features that you would need, once you sign up for the basic plan. For instance, you will get an affiliate management platform, as well as an inbuilt automation software, with the basic plan. But with ClickFunnels, you will NOT have access to such features if you are on the basic plan. Instead, you will have to upgrade to the Enterprise plan. With Kartra you will save money every month compared to Clickfunnels.

Whether to choose Kartra or ClickFunnels will depend on your needs as well as personal preferences. Each business is unique and the needs are different. In terms of affordability, Kartra takes the lead, however, it’s list of integrations is limited at the moment, but will get better in time. On the other hand, ClickFunnels is easier to use, and supports more integrations.

Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses. As noted earlier, ClickFunnels is a task-oriented solution while Kartra is a goal-oriented tool. You just need to weigh your needs, budget, as well as what you intend to achieve, and then choose a solution that aligns best with your business.


Kartra Pros

  • Secure platform:

According to Kartra, they have put in place robust security measures, to ensure that your data as well as that of your customers is safe. All the data will be stored in your account. Besides that, the information you collect about your leads and customers is protected by several firewalls. Kartra also uses Cloudfare security to protect your data further. Also, Kartra doesn’t have a central database that unscrupoulous individuals can hack into and steal personal data. Instead, every user has a personal or isolated database.


  • Money back guarantee:

If you feel that you are not getting value for your money after signing up with Kartra, you can always request a full payment within 30 days of your subscription. And since there are no minimums or contracts, you can cancel your membership any time. If you don’t wish to continue with your membership, you just need to contact the company at least 10 days before your upcoming billing cycle. As you can see, their services and packages are risk free.


  • No design or coding skills needed:

Kartra comes with a simple drag and drop interface, which enables you to build pages and funnels without any coding skills. From creating and designing marketing pages to configuring affiliate programs and marketing videos, Kartra makes it easy for anyone to launch their marketing campaigns, regardless of their level of experience. Also, you can easily customize the templates and pages with your preferred colors, images and copy, to give your marketing tools a professional, polished look.


  • Smooth connection:

For your business to grow, it’s important to have a seamless connection between the different functions and operations. Kartra connects all aspects of your business, making it easy to manage and run your venture.


  • Detailed analytics:

Without a doubt, running an online business calls for a real-time and proactive analytics tool, which will help you to track and monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns. Kartra comes with a detailed analytics section, which you can use to assess how your online ventures are performing.


  • Pricing:

When you compare Kartra’s price then you are saving huge on a monthly basis. Comparing to Clickfunnels, you pay +- $300 for Clickfunnels + Actionetics (their email platform). With Kartra, the Basic Plan cost you $89 per month, saving you +- $200 every month.


Kartra Cons

  • Learning Curve:

One of the challenges that you will encounter with Kartra, is its learning curve. As much as the platform is easy to navigate, learning how to create professional funnels and pages will take time. Especially if you are new to online marketing. Kartra have video tutorials available. I used it and helped me step by step to get all the basic things done, like building a landing page, create an optin form etc.


  • Minimal third party integrations:

Kartra is a great solution for online businesses. 20 Integrations are available at the moment. As a result, some businesses using other tools might find it challenging to integrate into Kartra and enjoy the benefits it offers. However, Kartra is building out more integration options and in time a lot of integrations will be available.


Final Thoughts

Kartra is a comprehensive digital marketing solution, designed to help you build and scale up your online business. With this tool, you no longer have to rely on software vendors or hire a team of web developers for your landing page creation, sales funnels, cart payment systems or any other marketing automation process.

If you want to boost sales, grow your business, or achieve business goals via sales funnels, then Kartra is a great option. It comes with a wide range of sales funnels solutions, designed for both experienced and beginner digital marketers.

I got rid of all my marketing tools and moved everything over to Kartra and I’m very happy with my decision. I’m saving time and a lot of money. I can understand that you might be skeptical, but I recommend you take Kartra up on the 14-Day Trial and try it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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