Over the last few years, cannabidiol or CBD as it’s commonly known, has gained massive popularity across the globe and this trend is not expected to change anytime soon. By 2020, the CBD oil industry is expected to hit the $3 billion mark. Its huge market potential has prompted hundreds of network marketing companies to join this industry, in a bid to enjoy a share of the spoils. CTFO is one of such companies.

CTFO or Changing The Future Outcome is a global health and wellness company, based in Fairfield California. Initially, the company focused on various traditional health supplements. Recently, they shifted their attention to the ever-growing CBD oil market, and they have now established themselves as one of the main players in this niche. So, is CTFO a legitimate company or a scam? Well, read this CTFO review to find out. 


what is ctfo


Product Line

CTFO sells a wide range of hemp-based CBD oil products such as drops and vapes, edibles, luxury products, pain creams, pet products, and skin products. According to the company, all their hemp-based CBD oils are sourced from industrial hemp farms, which are fully compliant with statutory regulations and standards. Besides that, the hemp used for CBD oil extraction is non-GMO and pesticides free. Also, CTFO CBD oil is tested for quality and safety, before the products are released to the market. 

You should also note that CTFO CBD oil is made from both the full spectrum whole plant as well as the isolate. With this extraction technology, the CBD oil that is produced has a higher potency than most of the others that you will find on the market. It also comes with 400 phytonutrients and over 120 different cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. CTFO doesn’t harmful solvents or heat to extract the CBD oil, resulting in a product with great nutritional qualities.

Having said that, here are some of the best products from CTFO product line:


  • CBD Edibles:

These are sweet-tasting chewy gummies, specifically manufactured to supply all the nutritional and health benefits of CBD. They are highly popular among individuals who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil, without having to smoke hemp or putting oil under their tongues. Key ingredients include hemp extract, corn syrup, gelatin, water, citric acid, vegetal oil, natural and artificial flavors as well as pectin, among others. When you chew these gummies, all the essential CBD compounds are directly absorbed into the cells via the digestive system. Their efficiency and ease of absorption are one of the reasons why most people prefer them to other products. 


  •  10xPure Gold 1000 CBD Oil Drops:

If you are looking for a product that can alleviate inflammation and pain without harmful side effects, then the 10xPure Gold from CTFO is a great choice. This product features a unique blend of full-spectrum CBD oils, which are highly effective when it comes to alleviating pain and inflammation. Also, this product is hydrophilic – for fast and easy absorption into the body. 


  • Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream:

If you have been suffering from chronic pain after your workout sessions and you can’t seem to find a product that addresses your problem, then you should check out this pain cream from CTFO. It’s designed to provide quick pain relief for your aching and sore muscles. One great thing about this product is that you can apply it directly to the painful area. Apart from its anti-inflammatory properties, this product also comes with active ingredients that can hydrate your skin and help with joint stiffness or ailments.


  • Isolate CBD Oil Drops:

Featuring bioflavonoids, terpenes and antioxidants, this product is designed to promote healthy energy levels, support optimal blood sugar levels, aid in digestion, relieve anxiety, and support regeneration of healthy cells. These drops have no THC and you will not experience any side effects. You can, therefore, consume a higher concentration, making the product highly efficient and effective. 


  • Anti-aging Products:

CTFO also has an extensive selection of anti-aging products including CBD hair growth, Pure Hemp CBD vitamin C, CBD moisturizing cream, Pure Hemp CBD wrinkle remover, and overnight skin rejuvenator, among others.  The Pure Hemp CBD vitamin C helps to keep the skin moisturized, slows down skin damage and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. On the other hand, overnight skin rejuvenator helps to boost surface skin regeneration. If you apply this product before you sleep, you will wake up with a moisturized and intensely rejuvenated skin. With continued use, your skin will feel smooth and softer while appearing younger. 


  • Weight Loss Products:

If you are a fitness enthusiast and you are looking for natural products that will enhance your weight loss efforts, then CTFO has some incredible products such as Extreme Shake and Weight Loss Oral Spray. The Extreme Shake is a delicious, creamy, natural-flavored and keto-friendly protein shake, designed to complement your weight management routine. It’s packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, which means you can use it as a meal replacement. Just like the name indicates, the Weight Loss Oral Spray will help to curb appetite, increase metabolism, and promote fat loss. It also comes with muscle-repairing capabilities. 

Apart from the above products, CTFO also has a great selection of CBD-based pet products. Some of their pet products include pet health and wellness spray, CBD pet conditioning shampoo, pet chew treats and CBD natural flavor pet drops. As much as CBD pet products are harmless, it’s highly advisable to visit or consult a pet before using them. If you want to explore the entire CTFO product range, then you should visit the official company website. You can also place your order directly on the website or purchase them from one of their independent consultants. 




Compensation Plan

Joining CTFO as an Associate or independent consultant is free. Also, you are not required to maintain any personal inventory, unless you want. All products are shipped directly from the warehouse to the customer. And once you join, you can start earning commissions right away from sales generated via your customers and personally enrolled associates.

As an Associate, you can earn through four main ways:


  • Retail Profits:

You will generate retail profits every time you sell products at their recommended retail pricing. You can either sell the products in person or through your customized CTFO website. As an Associate, you will purchase the products in wholesale and then sell them at a retail price. The difference between the wholesale price and the retail price is your profit. If the customer purchases from your website as a guest, then they will be charged the full retail price, which means you will also earn your retail profits. Also, you will earn a 20% commission of the product’s CV, if they purchase it from your website. 


  •  Unilevel Pay:

This is the income that you will earn from total sales volume generated in your downline. You can earn unilevel commissions for up to 5 levels of your downline. Your personally sponsored affiliates will form the first level of your unilevel team. And if your personally sponsored associate enrolls an affiliate, then the newly recruited affiliate will form level 2 of the unilevel team. Subsequent levels of the unilevel team are formed through a similar approach. You will earn a commission of 20% on the first level and 4% from levels 2 to 5. 


  • Matrix Income:

Apart from Unilevel Pay and Retail Profits, the CTFO compensation plan also features an organizational 3×3 matrix, which is basically a separate income structure. All Preferred Customers and Associates hold a position in this matrix. Every single position on the matrix can only hold a maximum of 3 positions directly beneath it. Matrix positions can be filled directly or indirectly. The percentage of commissions as well as how deep you can earn will depend on your rank. 


  • Infinity Bonus Pay:

The Infinity Bonus Pay is reserved for Associates in the Vice President rank and higher. Your bonus payout will depend on your rank in the compensation plan. So, as you move from the Vice President rank to higher ranks, your Infinity Bonus Pay will also increase. 

CTFO’s compensation plan has 12 different ranks. Each rank will determine the commissions and bonuses that you will receive. Also, you should note that you can only move from one rank to the other if you meet a certain set of qualifications.

The ranks include:


  • Associate:

When you join CTFO as an independent consultant, you will join the rank of Associate. As an Associate, you will be earning a commission of 20% of the total sales volume that you’ve generated. Unlike other MLM companies, you are not required to maintain a monthly sales volume or forced to purchase products so that you can qualify for the 20% commission. As long as you are an active member and you are selling products, then you will be eligible for this commission. 


  • Manager:

CTFO’s compensation plan has 4 main managerial ranks. These are 1st Level Manager, 2nd Level Manager, Senior Manager, and Executive Manager. To become a 1st Level manager, you need to personally sponsor one Associate or enroll one qualified retail customer. Once you unlock this rank, you will earn a commission of 20% on the first level of your downline and 25% of qualified matrix commissions on level 1 to 7. To achieve the rank of 2nd Level Manager, you must personally enroll 2 Associates or qualified customers. After qualifying for this rank, you will earn a commission of 20% on the first level of your downline, as well as 4% commissions from the 2nd level. You will also earn an additional 50% on all payable matrix commissions from the first to the 7th level. Subsequent commissions for the other managerial positions are paid out using a similar approach. 


  • President:

Once you unlock all the managerial ranks, you will proceed to the president ranks that include Vice President, Senior Vice President, and Executive Vice President. To become a Senior Vice President, you must personally sponsor 5 qualified associates or customers. Also, you must maintain a personal team volume of at least $25,000 per month. After meeting these requirements, you will be adequately compensated.

You will earn a commission of 20% on your first unilevel downline, 100% of all payable matrix commissions within all your 21 levels as well as an infinity bonus commission of 4%. And if you want to become an Executive Vice President, then you must meet all the requirements of the lower presidential ranks. Besides that, you must maintain a personal team volume of $100,000 per month. For the rewards, you will get all the rewards awarded to the other presidential ranks, as well as an infinity bonus commission of 12%. 


  • Director:

After the presidential ranks, you will be promoted to become a CTFO director. The CTFO compensation plan has 3 director ranks. These are Presidential Director, Senior Presidential Director, and Executive Presidential Director. The qualifications and rewards for the director positions are almost similar. For instance, for you to become a Presidential Director, you must maintain at least 3 qualified and active Executive Vice Presidents.

And if you want to become a Senior Presidential Director, you must maintain at least qualified and active Presidential Directors. All directors get a 20% commission on the first level of their unilevel downline, 4% commissions from the 2nd to the 5th level of their respective unilevel downlines as well as 100% of payable matrix commissions within all the matrix levels. They also earn Infinity Bonus Commissions. A Presidential Director will earn an Infinity Bonus Commission of 13.75%, 15.5% for the Senior Presidential Director and up to 19% for the Executive Presidential Director. 


  • Top Gun:

This is the highest rank that you can attain as a CTFO independent consultant or Associate. As a Top Gun, you qualify to earn all the commissions and bonuses payable in the lower ranks. Also, you will earn an equal share of at least 6% of the total sales volume generated by the company every month. 


Final Thoughts

CTFO is a legitimate health and wellness company, which sells high-quality CBD-based products. They also run a business opportunity, where you can earn products selling their various CBD products. As much as they use a network marketing model, CTFO is not a pyramid scheme in any way. If you are passionate about network marketing or you simply want to explore the CBD industry, then CTFO is a good start. 

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