When the idea of cryptocurrency first came up, most people thought it’s just a passing fad, which has no stability or future. But since they were launched, cryptocurrencies have grown significantly and there are no chances of slowing down. Individuals and corporations are now using these digital currencies to carry out transactions.

Thousands of multi-level marketing companies have also joined this bandwagon. These MLM companies are now offering people moneymaking opportunities, by promoting their cryptocurrency offers to interested people. Some companies are even promising to trade the cryptocurrencies on your behalf. Crypto 300 Club uses such a model.

You might have come across this company on social media platforms or one of their affiliates has pitched their business opportunity to you. Well, before joining any MLM company, you need to conduct thorough background research. Without proper due diligence it’s almost impossible to tell whether a cryptocurrency MLM company is legitimate or not.

In this Crypto 300 Club review, I will evaluate the company’s background, it’s product line, compensation plan as well as it’s pros and cons. By the end of this review, you will have all the information you need to decide whether this opportunity is the right one for you.


What is Crypto 300 Club


About Crypto 300 Club

Crypto 300 Club is a crypto trading platform, which gives people an opportunity to earn profits through crypto trades. According to information posted on their website, Crypto 300 Club is owned by an international holding company. Their operations are managed by a team of highly qualified online trading professionals together with highly trained crypto traders.

Crypto 300 Club claims that their executive team has a combined business experience of more than 100 years, making it qualified to run and manage this company. It’s important to note that Crypto 300 Club has not revealed the international holding company that owns the company.

They just state that the company is a licensed clone of a 3rd party entity known as Ad Click Express. Ad Click Express provides advertising solutions for online businesses. But it’s hard to tell how Ad Click Express and Crypto 300 Club are related. The company’s domain was registered on 15 July 2018. But since the domain was registered privately, it’s hard to tell who registered it or the actual location of the company.

According to Crypto 300 Club, all their staff work remotely and all their operations are decentralized. Also, they have not provided any contact information such as phone number or email address. They only have an FAQ page a live chat online, as well as a global conference room as the channels you should use to voice your concerns.

If you have a pressing issue, then it will be quite hard to find someone at the management level who can address your concerns. Crypto 300 Club claims that they have already signed up more than 23,000 members. Again, it’s not easy to verify the legitimacy of this information.


Product Line

Unlike other business opportunities, Crypto 300 Club doesn’t offer any products that you can purchase and resell for a profit. Instead, it’s more of an investment club, where you join by purchasing Crypto Packs. Once you purchase these packs, the company will make daily trades on your behalf. All the profits generated from these daily trades are then paid out to members at the end of each day. The amount of money you will receive will depend on how many Crypto Packs you’ve purchased.


Compensation Plan

Crypto 300 Club offers a cryptocurrency trading opportunity for anyone who wants to make money online. As you probably know, most traditional investments, including some crytocurrencing trading companies, require you to invest a considerable amount of money so that you can earn a decent income.

Crypto 300 Club uses a different approach. The company claims that you can earn returns of up to 300% when you invest any amount of money from $10 to $1,000,000. Crypto 300 Club can earn money via referral commissions and ROI commissions.


  • ROI Commissions:

Any person, regardless of where they are, can join Crypto 300 Club. Once you join the company, you then need to purchase $10 Crypto Packs. You can purchase as many Crypto Packs as you want, as long as you don’t exceed the 100,000 limit. Every pack that you purchase pays 1% every day.

You can withdraw your earnings any time, and the transaction will be completed within 24 to 48 hours. Also, you can compound your earnings instead of withdrawing the money by purchasing additional Crypto Packs. All Crypto Packs that you have purchased will provide a return of 312% annually.


  • Referral Commissions:

Apart from ROI commissions, you can also earn referral commissions whenever you enroll new affiliates. The referral commissions are paid out via a unilevel compensation structure. All personally recruited affiliates will join level 1 of your unilevel team. If a level 1 affiliate enrolls a new member, then the newly recruited affiliate will join level 2 of the unilevel team. If a level 2 affiliate recruits a new affiliate, the newly recruited affiliate will join level 3 of the team.

Subsequent levels in the unilevel compensation structure are formed using a similar approach. To earn referral commissions, you must purchase at least one ad pack. Crypto 300 Club will pay you referral commissions whenever a member of your team purchases an ad pack. The amount of commissions you will receive will depend on the level of the affiliate who has purchased the pack. Level 1 affiliates will earn you a commission of 10%, 5% for level 2 and 2% for level 3.

As you can see, Crypto 300 Club’s compensation structure is quite basic and easy to understand. You just need to join as an affiliate, purchase a Crypto Pack and start building your team. The amount of money you will earn will depend on how active your downline is.


Cost to Join

If you want to join Crypto 300 Club, you have to complete the signup process as indicated on their website. Once you provide the necessary details, you will receive a confirmation email which will then complete the process. Joining Crypto 300 Club is free for all affiliates. But if you join as a free affiliate, you will only earn referral commissions.

If you want to participate in the company’s MLM opportunity, then you need to invest a minimum of $10 into the company. Crypto 300 Club also offers a money-back guarantee for every product pack that you purchase from them. If you feel that this business opportunity is not suitable for you, then you can request your money back and Crypto 300 Club will refund 92% of what you had spent. You should note that you can only request back your money within 30 days after purchasing a Crypto pack. Approved refunds will then be processed within a few days.



  • You don’t need any trading experience since the company will do it on your behalf



  • No information about the founders of the Company. Even if there was, I would not trust them in this case.
  • Missing background information about the company creates doubts and uncertainties
  • The annual returns on investment quoted by Crypto 300 Club are unrealistic
  • Similar Crypto pack product than USI-Tech offered. USI-Tech owners disappeared with hundred millions of Dollars in Bitcoin.
  • Similar Pool trading than USI-Tech. Pool trading is not proven and can easily be simulated on the website without any member realizing it.
  • Top Schemers from USI-Tech and other Crypto Scams are promoting Crypto 300 Club. These Top Schemers move from one scam to the next. Knowingly stealing from ignorant people who joined under them.



First, it’s important to note that Crypto 300 Club is NOT a legitimate MLM company. But even if they are a legitimate network marketing company, you need to be aware of some few issues. First, they claim that they generate revenue via crypto trading, and you can returns of up to 300% on your investment. The reality is, it’s almost impossible for any business to generate such considerable returns on investment.

Second, the lack of information about the owners of this company raises further doubts. Whether to join this MLM company or not will depend on your personal preferences as well as experience in cryptocurrency trading.

Third, pool trading is not realistic and fake simulations can easily be created on the website to fool people. There will come a time when people will join out of fear of losing out, and lose all their money. The Owners will run away with all the money, just like in USI-Tech and nothing will happen to them. Stay away from this.


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