In this article I want to take a look at a company called CannerGrow. You probably saw someone share the opportunity on social media and was wondering if this opportunity is any good and can you make money with it.

With this review I will answer all your questions, help you make an informed decision and save you headaches and money. First things first. Let us take a look at the company.


The Company

CannerGrow is a Network Marketing Opportunity. Offering you the chance to start a business and earn an income from home. CannerGrow was founded in July 2018 by a company called Cannerald. The company is in Switzerland. The four founders of Cannerald is:

  • Sascha Adrian Waeschle,
  • Severin Jem Amweg,
  • Levin Kim Amweg,
  • and Maik Marcel Pietrowski

The Product

CannerGrow offers its members the chance to invest in a CBD plant. Each Digital sale represents one actual plant and you can buy up to 100 plants. After a sale, CannerGrow takes care of all the headaches that come with production. From planting, taking care of the whole production and finally harvesting.

At the moment they have two areas available for their project. One is in Bern with an area of 1500m2 and also in Macedonia,Skopje with an area of 20 000m2. Each area can host 18 000 plants and 100 000 plants respectively.


The Cost

One plant will cost you 350 Euros and 100 plants will cost you 35 000 Euros. According to the company you will get about 5g to 60g per plant. The amount of produce all depend on the cultivar, water, strains and fertilizer.

Here is what I find strange. You pay 350 Euros for one plant, but the estimate value of the produce of each plant is 50 Euros. Depending on the market this can go higher or go even lower. It does not seem very lucrative to me.

So. How do you earn money? Let’s take a look at the compensation plan


The Compensation plan

There are two compensation plans to earn an income with.

  • The Unilevel plan

With this plan you earn a total of 10% in commissions with your downline buy plants. You earn 5% on your first level, 2% on your second level and 1% on level 3 to 5. To qualify for this level, you need to invest in one plant or more.

  • Residual Income Bonus

The Residual Income Bonus allows you to build a passive income. You can earn 5 levels deep and earn a total of 20%. You earn 10% on your first level, 4% on your second level and 2% on your third, fourth and fifth level.

The company uses an example on their page. If you sell a 1000 plants yourself, then you will earn 10% commissions for the sales. That comes down to 5000 Euros. You also then earn commissions from sales within your downline.



CBD is one of the hottest trends at the moment. More countries start to accept CBD and legalize the production of CBD hemp based plants.

According to CannerGrow, they take away all the hardship and difficulty from producing your own CBD hemp base plant and you can earn a substantial income with them. Now that might be true, but as mentioned above, the cost is way more than the value of the produce.

So what the company do, is asking you to invest way more than the actual cost to produce to plant, simply because most of your investment goes into the compensation plan. You overpaid on a plant so that your upline can earn money from you.


Is it a Scam?

I can’t say this is a scam, because the company was clever enough to have a product in place. That might be the case, but you are paying through your ears for one plant and that is to compensate your upline.

That does not sound good to me. I don’t like how this works and personally I think you can buy more that enough seed with 350 Euros. Growing CBD is not that difficult.

Ok. I get it. It is not about producing yourself, but rather the opportunity that CannerGrow offers you to earn an extra income. I get it.

My question is. Are they keeping track of each plant and who the investor is or do they just make sure that the number of plants add up to the amount of investors? Will they be able to plant and keep up with the amount of sales?

According to a webinar the company is keeping track of each plant and investor, but when it is harvesting time, then all the plants of the same age, are harvested together. Then I reckon they work on an average.

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Am I joining?

No. Definitely not. I don’t like how this works out. I also saw a few people in the webinar that I personally don’t trust. In the end it is all up to you. What I’m sharing here is my opinion. That is all. If you do decide to invest, then I recommend keeping your investment small. Only buy one plant. Don’t go all crazy. There is always risk involved.


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