forgiveness restores my peace of mind

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I’m sharing these self reflections to help me and hopefully help you as well. If it resonates with you, then let this reflection remind you where you are, what you need to do and where you need to be.

Here we go:

When I forgive others, I also liberate myself from being weighed down by past events. I wipe the slate clean and start anew.

Forgiveness puts me back in control of my life. I focus on my own reactions rather than external events. My resilience increases as I become more skillful at dealing with conflicts and disappointments.

Letting go of resentments reduces my anxiety. I know from experience that I commit many actions for which I need to be pardoned. It is important to teach myself that absolution is possible.

Most of all, I take pleasure in knowing that I promote healing when I make allowances for mistakes and misjudgments.

A tolerant attitude helps me to better understand someone who hurts me. They may be feeling pressured or experiencing great losses.

When I respond with kindness rather than anger, we all have the opportunity to grow.

Absolution becomes easier and more constructive when I accept accountability for my role in any clashes. I am honest with myself about my shortcomings.

Distinguishing between people and their actions helps me to protect my own welfare while turning the other cheek. I understand I can feel affection and concern for others without condoning behavior that contradicts my values.

Forgiveness becomes more automatic as I rejoice in the good feelings it brings.

Today, I throw away grudges from the past. I enjoy the peace of mind that comes with extending forgiveness.


Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are the barriers that make it difficult for me to forgive?
2. How does forgiveness make me happier?
3. Is there one person I could choose to forgive today?


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