each morning the sun rises

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I’m sharing these self reflections to help me and hopefully help you as well. If it resonates with you, then let this reflection remind you where you are, what you need to do and where you need to be.

Here we go:

I am prepared for every day I am blessed with. I see the rising sun as an opportunity to reaffirm my morals. I allow my morals to take me through the roughest situations each day and emerge unscathed.

I know that difficulties lie ahead for me. I accept that as a part of life.

My morals are challenged each day by negative people and situations.

When I reaffirm my morals each morning, I am newly equipped with the tools to handle any negative situation.

I am able to take the high road when I recommit to my morals and beliefs each day. Every decision I make at work takes into account my moral position.

I am aware that my moral position may differ from that of my employer. But I am committed to staying true to myself.

If I encounter situations when I am forced to choose a course of action, I choose based on my beliefs. I prefer to remain upright than to compromise my beliefs.

I like having a clear conscience instead of one that eats away at me.

Today, I commit to preventing other desires from forcing me to compromise my beliefs. I believe my path is leading me toward success.


Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do my morals and beliefs change from time to time?

2. How can I help my kids to be more resolute?

3. What strategies can I employ to help me make the right choices?

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