Generate New Leads, New Sales & New Customers Using a Proven System

Hi there my name is Jaco (Image left with my beautiful wife, Chantal).

I’ve unfortunately spent thousands of dollars on marketing systems and companies that promised me, I could generate sales and customers online, only to fail miserably like you may have.

And I’m extremely excited to tell you that for the first time in my life, SalesVision’s income producing software is the first and only online marketing software that has ever produced leads, sales and customers for my life & business!

With my amazing results already, that are absolutely blowing my mind because I’ve never had success online before. I am now, finally, for the first time in my life, 100% confident that I will be able to generate new leads, new sales and new customers online for the rest of my life because SalesVision makes it so simple….and the best news if all?

I don’t just earn a great income by recommending people to SalesVision’s first of its kind Gamified marketing and task management software that has a very generous affiliate program.


SalesVision also helps me make way more money in my primary businesses that I love because SalesVision is designed to help all business owners generate leads, sales and customers for whatever business you are passionate and excited about selling and promoting.

In fact, this is the first company in the world that I have ever joined that doesn’t have the culture most people are used to where the owners of the company suspend your account for promoting other offers.

Our SalesVision President tells us to use his software for our primary businesses and build at least 7 streams of income like any smart Multi-Millionaire would tell you to do.

He actually applauds our efforts when we have success in our other businesses because that’s why he designed the software in the first place.

It’s a completely new culture than I have ever been used to where most other company owners and my team leaders would look down on me and make me feel bad if I was excited and passionate about promoting something else.

My Mentor & SalesVision President says if any of our companies make us sign an agreement we can’t promote anything else, they are locking us into a mental prison and taking away our freedom.

And when he said that, I was like wow, I never thought about that, but it’s so true, so that’s one of the main understandings I want you to get right out of the gate is this company is a software designed to help you generate leads, sales and customers online for any business that you are passionate about.

It just so happens that SalesVision has a super affiliate program that pays us upwards of $2500 per sale if our referals choose to become a Master Director like me and get private mentoring every single week by the owners of SalesVision who are responsible for generating over $550,000,000 in sales.

Thank you to the SalesVision President & CEO Vincent Ortega Jr, Vice President Clifton Hatfield, COO Gillian H. Ortega & CFO Vincent Ortega Sr. for being the first Mentors in the world that I’ve found online to actually deliver on their promises, care about me like family, and hold upwards of 5 hour long coaching sessions for me and the other Masters multiple times per week! ==>>(Scroll up and Watch Video)<<==

I have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars for Mentors in the past, who don’t * have even close to the $550,000,000 in results our SalesVision owners have, and on top that, when I have paid 10’s of thousands of dollars for other so called Mentors coaching in the past, they have never delivered on their promises, and I talk to them maybe every few months, and it’s always rushed.

The SalesVision owners truly care about us like we are their brothers and sisters and this culture inside of SalesVision can only be called family.

In fact, if I were to be honest, I am closer with the owners of SalesVision and our SalesVision Family members than I am with my own DNA family.

So if you have family who just doesn’t understand you, or doesn’t get you, I can promise you here at SalesVision, you will finally feel like you are at home, with company owners and company members like me, who will care about you and your wants, needs and desires.

There are many times I’ve had private one on one conversations on Zoom meetings and the phone with the owners for hours and hours at a time, and they never rush off the phone, and always treat me with respect.

It’s so wild, they actually tell me they appreciate me more, than I could ever appreciate them.

I truly have never experienced ownership that were so humble and so loving, and have so much desire to help me achieve my dreams. I feel so blessed to be a part of this SalesVision Family and I would have paid 100x more money for the value I receive on a daily & weekly bases for becoming a Master Director.

I know 100% in my heart, from all my experience of spending 10s of thousands of dollars on other companies and mentors and systems that promised me the world. You won’t find anything like SalesVision in the world, and I will say that on my children, baby’s, parents and everything you want to even think about to confirm it.

You will never find another company like SalesVision and their owners and the unbelievable daily income producing software to generate leads, sales and customers online so you can begin to experience true freedom on earth like me. ==>> ( Scroll up and watch Video ) <<==

And trust me! I completely understand you if you have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars in other companies that have given you nothing but broken promises, false hopes & dreams, only to be is massive debt.

I’ve been there just like you and the income that SalesVision is sending to me on an almost daily bases, got me out of the hole, and into profit, so now I can finally walk around my family and friends with my head held high saying,

“I told you so. But of course I do it humbly because the SalesVision President promised I would be on this path of freedom, and continue there, as long as I remained humble.

I’m currently earning $1,000 to several thousands of dollars per week now. And within the next 6 months? I know that I will have an established and solid 6-figure per year business that I can rely on for the rest of my life.

A business where I have to answer to no one, A business where I’m completely free to be, do and have whatever I want! … exactly like our SalesVision President Vincent Ortega Jr has been living the past decade online.

When I found out that he gets to wake up every single day and answer to no one but himself, and gets to decide to do whatever he wants to do every single day . . .

Including traveling all over the world on a whim where he doesn’t even plan it in advance, just wakes up, buys a plane ticket, and goes to the most beautiful destinations in the world every single year, multiple times per year, and stays in multimillion dollar penthouses and mansions all over the world . . . 

I was like yes, I want that life! And then on top of that . . . He does all of the selling and telling for me, so I don’t even have to become sort of Sales Expert if I don’t want too and now all I have to do is click a button that shares my unique affiliate link across all my text, email and social media platforms, that takes people to his sales video that does all of the selling and telling for me. ==>> (Scroll up and Watch Video ) <<==

When I found out it was that easy . . . I went all in and became a Master Director immediately! Then he goes the extra mile for those of us who are Master Directors and puts us on his Master Directors Lead rotator, in which he so generously gives Master Directors all of us his new leads rotated through all of us who are Master Directors so that we get all of our money back we invested in for one, and two, gives us our first sales so then we can go out and be immediately confident in promoting with our head held high. And you know what’s even more satisfying?

For the first time ever, now finally, because of SalesVision, I can have my head held high and he proud of myself when I show up to my family and friend gatherings, because I’m excited when they ask the question of how my business is going.

Because I kindly pull out my SalesVision Visa Approved Blackcard and say, “oh it’s going great, I’m earning $1000-$5000 per week at times and I’m already in profit. And then their smirk of, I told you so, goes away really fast! . . . 

For the first time in my life I can say, after struggling for years, with massive amounts of embarrassment and tears, yes for the first time, I can now hold my head up high, and my SalesVision Visa blackcard up high, and say, “my online business is going great!” I’ve already made thousands of dollars online and get paid every single day, and will have an established 6-figure per year business within the next 6 months!”

. . . And most importantly have complete time freedom because Vincent Ortega Jr does all of the selling, training, & guidance inside of our exciting, first in the world, daily Sales & Marketing Gamified task management software where we earn rewards points that we turn in to win daily cash and prizes! 

And my Mentor Vincent Ortega Jr gives us this cash and prizes for doing the online income producing activities that we need to do to make money anyway!

No one does this! Plus! The income producing activities he gives, have been responsible for generating him over $100,000,000 in sales online! So whenever your ready to sign up and leave your job, the scroll up, watch the video and enter your details to get FREE ACCESS.

Thank you for visiting and see you inside of SalesVision. ==>> ( Scroll Up and Watch Video ) <<== 

Take care

Jaco Duvenhage

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