Hey! I’m Jaco and I’m South African. I Grew up on our Family Farm in the Northern Cape Province and loved it. I was very fortunate to have amazing parents who offered me a wonderful childhood. Today I’m a Father of 2 and grateful for the opportunity and experience.

I got involved online in 2005 and took over our family farm in 2009. With all the global debt and our country’s high corruption, I quickly realized that I can’t only depend on the farm for financial income, but need to put more effort into my online business and build extra financial security.




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An Online Business offers you the chance to do what you want to do. Each of us have our own reasons why we want an extra income or financial freedom. Mine is to be my own boss, see different places and in case our family have to leave our country for any unforeseen reason, then I know we are okay, because my online business is taking care of us.

Why do you want an extra income or financial security? Think about it and get a clear answer. Your “Why” must be big enough, because that is your driving force. Now set your goal and get going. I sincerely wish you all the success you deserve.


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